• Episode 250!

    This week we’re joined by St. Manna the Destroyer! Matt has also returned with a doctor’s note excusing himself from last week’s recording:



    We just finished the first weekend of the Renaissance Festival, so as you might imagine, we spend a lot of time talking about it. We also get a physical copy of a Fast Five from Mud, which included some awesome gifts! Check it out:


  • Episode 249!

    This week, Matt is at a concert, so Salsa and Jena are joined by the lovely and talented Cetius Scotchbringer! What do they talk about? Who knows? I’m gonna bet that they pick on Matt and drink scotch. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Episode 248!

    This week we’re joined by the lovely and talented Dan Patton and the lovely and talented Chip Limeburner! You get a twofer of guests while Matt stays off mic to go on a Burger King run. For Science! (Also we were hungry.)

  • Episode 247!

    We’re joined by Cetius Scotchbringer this week to kick off a new scotch month! We finally get Jena back on the show and catch up on all the nonsense we’ve been up to since we all actually recorded together 3 weeks ago. Plus, the most unpronouncable Fast Five in history.

  • Episode 246!

    This week Jena is Fringe Festival-ing and Salsa is dating (his wife) so Matt brings back Engineer Corwyn and return guest Anna LaVigne. We talk about concussions, E.T., charisma, and more!

  • Episode 245!

    The lovely and talented Engineer Corwyn returns this week! Jena is off making the Fringe Festival be a thing, that means we’re allowed to drink beer and fall down a fatty rabbit hole. (Thanks for the terminology Matt and Mattingly’s Ice Cream Social!) Seriously, shit gets real over BBQ sauce vs. ketchup.

    Look how adorable Engineer Corwyn is now. Also, his far more photogenic girlfriend.
    Look how adorable Engineer Corwyn is now. Also, his far more photogenic girlfriend.

  • Episode 244!

    We have a fun, weird conversation this week. Birthday parties were thrown, rehearsals were rehearsed, and apparently, shaving is a hot topic for debate.

  • Episode 243!

    Because we’re idiots, we did an episode the day after returning from CONvergence. I gotta admit, it wasn’t a bad way to stave off the Conuui. Also, Salsa’s dad is in the room occasionally laughing quietly, which is the best part.

  • Episode 242!

    ‘Twas the eve before CON and all through the ‘cast, not a goddamn thing was making sense, least of all Matt

    Anyway, as you might have surmised, CONvergence is upon us, we talk about what we’ll be doing and when and have a pretty killer Fast Five. Check out the CON schedule below:
    Thursday – Big Fun Radio Funtime 6:00 PM on the Main Stage
    Friday – Double Blind Improv 2:00 PM at the Crowne Plaza HarmCon Room

    Friday – Vilification Tennis 10:00 PM on the Main Stage (overflow room in the Bloomington Room)

    Friday – Superhero Academy premiere 11:30 PM in Plaza 3
    Saturday – Fully Believable 11:00 AM in Atrium 7
    Saturday – Masquerade Halftime Show, Masquerade starts at 7:00 PM Main Stage

    And the Fearless Comedy Productions party room is in cabana 230 and runs from 8PM to at least 1AM Thursday thru Saturday.

  • Episode 241!

    This week we’re joined by the lovely and talented Jacob Gulliver! Jacob was the silent auction winner of a guest appearance on our show, so you know he’s rad already because he helped support Fearless Comedy Productions.

    Did we mention Jacob also works on some really awesome stuff?

    Yeah, he totally does. For instance there’s Fang and Talon!

    And Human Combat Chess!

    Human Combat chess

    Aaaaaaaaand the debuting-at-CONvergence Super Academy!

    If you will be attending CONvergence, go see the debut of the show on Friday night at 11:30PM!