• Episode 287!

    We’re back! It seems like only yesterday that we were talking to all of you. Well, it might have been. Enjoy a second helping of AoN this week!

  • Episode 286!

    So, you know how sometimes you record a podcast, but everyone is super busy and then you totally forget to post it until after you already recorded the NEXT podcast? Yeah . . . me neither . . .

    What I’m saying is you get two episodes this week kids!

  • Episode 285!

    Hey folks! We’re back with a slew of guests this week! We’re joined by the lovely and talented Young Eric, David Traylor, and Izaak Sunleaf!

    Young Eric is here to talk us through the Fearless Lab mousetrap bit that happened just before recording, you can check out the event on Facebook for a video. To answer your question, no, the improv isn’t our best, but I’ll be damned if anyone could do a cohesive scene in those circumstances. Mad props to Fantastic Voyage Improv for being consistently awesome!

    David and Izaak (Also known as Dante and Virgil in Build Your Own Inferno!) join us to talk about the show which premieres THIS FRIDAY! Click the link for details and to purchase tickets!

  • Episode 284!

    We’re joined this week by Megan Slawson who is the co-writer of Build Your Own Inferno! (You know, that show Matt keeps reminding you all to see?) We have a delightful chat and may even have said things that made sense. We were all really tired. Who knows?

    Here are the videos we discussed in the show:

  • Episode 283!

    We talk to the lovely and talented Chris Marchand and Darwin Hull this week about Human Combat Chess! The season opens this Friday at Christ Church Lutheran in Minneapolis, and you can purchase tickets here! As you will hear in this episode, this season has some new things in store for longtime fans as well as newcomers to the format. Plus, these guys are just darn nice folks to chat with.

  • Episode 282!

    This week we split the show between our Die Laughing 3 recap and a chat with the lovely and talented Dan Patton! If you managed to check out Die Laughing at all, you know how amazing the experience was. We recount some of our favorite moments.

    Dan Patton joins us for the latter half of the episode to tell us about his upcoming show that opens THIS FRIDAY! He’s in a production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. We talk about the show and a little about what it’s like to do his first musical since high school. If you are local, take a night to go see him, and tell him we sent you afterwards!

  • Episode 281 – Live at Die Laughing 3!

    We did it! We stayed up late and recorded another live episode at Die Laughing 3: Live Free or Die Laughing! This episode actually serves as a part 2 of this week’s episode of the High Five Guys podcast, so check that one out first if you haven’t yet. We had a great time attempting to learn the secrets of the Masons from our special surprise guest Justin, who was a really great sport about all the ribbing we gave him. Thank you everyone who watched or donated last weekend. It means the world to us.

  • Episode 280!

    Holy shit-nuts everyone! Die Laughing 3: Live Free or Die Laughing is upon us! We give you the rundown on what promises to be an epic weekend of comedy. Check out all the details at the website, and hopefully we’ll see many of you this weekend!

  • Episode 279!

    We’re back in your ears a little late this week! (It’s ok to blame Matt, he admits it.) Salsa and Jena hold down the fort this week while Matt is off indulging his delusions of grandeur.

  • Episode 278!

    Our friend Shea Roberts joins us this week to talk pie made with booze!


    Seriously you guys . . . booze pie.

    We also talk about performing, pre- and post- show rituals, and a bunch of other silly stuff. It’s delightful.