Episode 50!

So this week we discuss Salsa attending a hockey game, then stadiums and sports arena in general. Matt admits to falling off of things, and having underwear that don’t work any more. This sparks the boxer pee-flap debate, and eventually ends in a discussion of memes and comedy in general. This week’s beer by the way, was the Surlyfest, from Minnesota’s own Surly brewing. Behold!

24 Responses to Episode 50!

  1. Here’s my .02 on the whole underwear/boxers debate.

    I own boxers with & without the button. The only time I ever end up with R.C.S. (Raw Cock Syndrome) while wearing boxers without the button is due to one of the following reasons:

    1) The boxers shrank in the wash.
    2) I gained weight and the front stretches too much on the boxers.
    3) I got new jeans and have too much room in the front.

  2. I wear boxers, all of which have the front buttons. None of which have ever been unbuttoned by me.

    As for going to the bathroom, I too unzip pants and pull down boxers. And I do it because it is just easier, even if I’m wearing a belt or contending with a heavy winter coat. It is just easier to do that rather than force my (pretty good-sized) cock through two holes, one of which is lined with metal that will tear my junk up.

  3. Eric Knight says:

    Oh my god, Salsa is so full of crap on this thing of how most guys go pee. :P

    Seriously, what Andrew said… a lot of pants like jeans have a pretty short zipper so there’s not as much room to maneuver your junk and especially to get it back into place and arranged comfortably after you’re done. I concede that some dress pants with long zippers and an overall looser fit might offset this affect, but it’s still so much easier to just open the top of your pants. Since when did unbuckling a belt and unzipping become an arduous chore? And how loose are you pants? Most of mine rest on my hips while open and just standing there, they don’t immediately start falling down unless they’re really loose and with a very long zipper, as I mentioned about occasional pairs of dress pants.

    Also, to add to your numbers I’ve polled a few coworkers, simply giving the two options without any commentary or judgement until after they answer. Out of seven guys (including me), only one leaves the top of his pants fastened and only unzips. If I have the chance to ask more I’ll update with additional numbers.

  4. Bad form replying to my own post, but I was just talking about this with my wife. Her experience in seeing the guys she’s dated going to the bathroom, I’m the only one of the four who pees that way.

    Sorry Matt but I think we’re going to be in the minority…

  5. Eric Knight says:

    Andrew, check out my comment and don’t count the cocks before they’ve hatched… or something.

  6. Okay, boys. Sit back. Let Mama Jen tell you a tale. A tale about memes, innuendo… and butt sex.

    It was the meeting before our second VilTen feast. We were talking about how the first VilTen feast was received, and how to tweak the show. Tim was talking about how we do other Fest shows (and how I think we should do every show to varying degrees) wherein we start smaller, “tamer,” and build into the more offensive, harder stuff. I mentioned that it’s the hardest part about being first round, is that you’re the person that has to start small and ease the audience into it. You give them a little bit, then hang out at that level for a bit, easing back a little if it’s too much, but then once the audience is comfortable, pushing forward a bit.

    You know, like butt sex.

    It dropped Emily, and we had a conversation for a while about how funny butt sex is, and it got kinda comedy theory. Much like this podcast. Ahem.

    Anyway, I was relating the story to Biscuits at the den, and how awesome the phrase is, and it’s possible replacement of “that’s what she said.” He really pushed it harder than I did.

    Side note- the meme “that’s what she said” is way fucking older than us. It started off… maybe Victorian times? as the adage “said the actress to the bishop.” Wikipedia that shit.

    Also, the script is/was:
    Yer a pizza.
    Yer Ma’s a pizza.
    I’ll pizza yer face.

    Jeez Matt. Jared remembered it.

  7. I only unzip without unbuckling -but I also doen’t use the slit in the boxers/briefs, I pull down the waist band. But I also don’t normally wear boxers, so they may not be as high waisted as boxers, so maybe easier to pull down without unbuckling…

  8. Eric Knight says:

    Oh, also… I wear boxers to bed as they’re comfy for sleeping but wear briefs during the day as I prefer feeling like I’m “securely in place” as it were. But I’d like to point out that briefs are not automatically “tighty whiteys”. I was brought up wearing those as that’s what my parents provided, but for a long time I’ve been buying the multi-packs of briefs which come in various colors.

  9. Yup same here. Boxers are for lounging. I also don’t like the bulk of the gathered fabric of the boxer waistband under my pants waistband when compared to the thinner waistband of briefs.

  10. Eric Knight says:

    Chas, some boxers have pretty thin waistbands so what annoys me more is the gathered fabric of the rest of the piece… if you’re wearing pants that are remotely fitted it’s going to bunch.

  11. I’m a pee-holer. I’ve never had an issue with wang chafe.

    What I have had an issue with is when I’ve tried to pee with an unbuckle and drop is the elastic in the waistband getting in the way. If I try and pull the wang out over the top it puts the wang at an odd angle (which may explain all the piss puddles in front of urinals), and runs the risk of elastic crushing your testicles. If you actually drop the boxers, you end up with your ass hanging out and your knees together.

  12. My argument exactly.

  13. Once upon a time my sister-in-law made a pair of tartan trews (pants) for my Scottish persona. It was f-in’ cold at the local Scottish fair that year, so I actually wore my great kilt in the same tartan over them. When I went to return the morning’s coffee I discovered the design problem… There was a button-on placket across the front, and underneath that she had put a zipper, so it was, lift the kilt, unbutton one side of the placket, un-zip, shift the underwear, and snake myself out. Needless to say I removed the zipper since it was redundant to begin with.

  14. So, curious. Is the underwear issue the topic you’ve gotten the most feedback about between comments and Email?

  15. Actually, no. Episode 29, where we discussed what modern knowledge you would impart on the populace if you went back in time had more. The winner so far though, where we talked about musical theater. (I think Ep. 32)

  16. I’m a pulling down kinda guy (you know, like…) but I wear briefs so that might also be an explanation. I agree that even if I wore boxers, I wouldn’t use the zipper alone because of the rummage factor. I think it’s due to jeans being tighter and thicker than other things.

    Plus it’s nice to get clothes away from the area incase of splashing, really!

    As to the replacement to ‘that’s what she said’ Nathon Fillion just suggested ‘…in my mouth’ as a self depricating one. Does it work better?

  17. Eric Knight says:

    Actually, the number of comments with answers to the peeing thing are pretty low, maybe you’ve gotten more via email. I suggest a Facebook poll, you still have a couple of days left before the next episode records.

  18. I like it, but with a twist. I would use it if it were “…in YOUR mouth”.

  19. Salsa, I apologize, but you are on CRACK with the boxer fly thing. Nobody uses them.

  20. Well we’re at least in good company, the SGU podcast just spent part of an episode discussing men and urination.

  21. Well after the fact, but I’m still catching up the backlog, but in the interests of stats, I’ll chime in.

    Salsa is a crazy person.

    Undo belt, unbutton pants, push pants and boxers down, hold them from falling down with one hand, piss, reverse process.

    • Hooray! Another sane person! Side note – We are all reading your comments as you post them on old episodes even when we don’t comment back. Thank you for taking the time.

    • Or, to simplify the process:

      Unzip pants, pop out, piss, reverse process.

      See, much easier.

  22. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?