[Article 1322]Episode 78!

Wow, we have 3 guests on this episode: Carr Hagerman, Mark Lazarchic, and Michael Wilson. You all know Carr from a couple episodes back, Mark is an entrepreneur and low-level psychotic, and Michael is a filmmaker, whose movie “Michael Moore Hates America” is streaming on Netflix for those interested.

As you will learn as you listen, format is basically abandoned in the first 10 minutes of this episode, as our 3 guests always have something to say. In fact we only have 2 segments this week and skipped the outro and fast five to get more of the conversation in.

This show could have been far longer as we ended up talking for hours after we turned off the mic, covering current events, politics, philosophy and dick jokes. Please drop us a comment about whatever subjects you find interesting.

19 Responses to [Article 1322]Episode 78!

  1. Mark Lazarchic says:

    LOW LEVEL!!??

  2. You’re sub-par in the best of circumstances.

  3. Albatross says:

    17:00 Gah. Least favorite AON ever. If I wanted to listen to libertarian ranting I’d go hang out by the bus stop haranguers on Nicollet Avenue.

    • Albatross says:

      19:30 First everyone’s bitching about the Occupy movement being a bunch of losers. Now the same people are complaining about the prohibitive cost of college educations WHICH IS AN OCCUPY ARGUMENT.

      • Albatross says:

        23:00 The Post Office isn’t part of the Federal government and the only money it gets from the Federal government is money to cover the cost of franking. The Postal Reorganization Act was signed in 1971, and since 1987 postal workers are not civil servants. So complaints about the Postal service taking ‘tax money” are ridiculous.

        • Albatross says:

          34:00 Worst jobs – fast food at “Cindy’s,” a “Wendy’s” clone. I was the only kid from my high school and got all the shit jobs. All day long unsold burgers were tossed in a cardboard box on the floor, my job was to separate the patties out and crumble them in the next day’s chili. Ask me about “blood malts.”

          Soul-sucking – Pinkerton Guard, including 3rd shift. At one point I realized I was spending more money to gas up my 1967 Galaxie 500 and drive to work than I was earning in a day.

          Physically demanding – grave yard shift mainframe operator. A year without any kind of life at all.

          • Albatross says:

            39:00 This bullshit about the American Dream is contrasted by the fact that American economic mobility is ranked worst among first-world nations.
            (43:00 Jena broken – she wasn’t broken on the intro, she was just laughing)

          • Albatross says:

            47:00 “Nobody helped me out” – so you don’t drive on roads, and cops and firefighters don’t protect you. What nonsense. This fetish of individual independence is fed by corporations trying to keep us all divided and atomic and more easily manipulated. You hate “unions”? That’s just a bunch of people working together. You have “government”? In this country the government is SUPPOSED to be us.

            Oh, and I’m a two-time entrepreneur of broad accomplishment – I just don’t let my success turn into resentment of those who need help and a lack of compassion for others. And I’m painfully aware of how Madison Avenue propaganda shapes America’s beliefs and desires.

          • Albatross says:

            56:00 I really didn’t need the picture of Mark thinking of Penn Gillette in the shower…

      • Carr Hagerman says:

        I did’n’t call the Occupy folks a bunch of losers. I celebrated their right to do whatever they want. I just disagree with how they want to “fix” our problems. Fundamentally, they want more government, and I want less. They hate the rich, I want to earn wealth, to become rich, and then keep as much as I legally can…

        • Albatross says:

          They don’t want “more government,” you say that like it’s an end in itself. The core of the movement wants economic justice following the unprosecuted excesses of the Wall Street insiders who collapsed the economy in 2008. That doesn’t take any more government, it just involves actually enforcing laws.

  4. Albatross says:

    1:17 “If we want to get out of this shit economy we’re in… it’s going to be people like everybody sitting at this table saying ‘I got an idea, can you help me?’”

    Careful – sounds like you’re gathering together or uniting or forming some kind of union.

  5. Mark Lazarchic says:

    8:21- If I wanted to listen to liberals rant I would order my coffee from them.

    8:24- Try to follow here. None of us care that college costs a lot of money. We all ranted against people being forced into it and what a complete and total waste of money it is. The occupy people, for the most part, are the same people that were protesting a war 4 years ago but that is just fine now I guess. They went to college, agreed to pay back the loans and now want it for free. AMERICA!

    8:32 It IS however regulated, controlled, and even given monopoly status by the US government. As to their funding they are losing billions every year and I do not know where they get it from. Michael said that and he hates god.

    8:42 No one asked you.

    8:47 Try reading your own link. “the same study found significant upward “absolute” mobility from the late 1960s to 2007″. Wait, stop the presses. In the middle of a depression people don’t do as well? I am shocked….amazed…..and a little let down about our current president since this started when he got elected obviously.
    Just keep telling everyone they can not change their future and then telling us we are the downers.

    8:55 I tell you what. All three items you cited are state issues, not federal. They also, in MN, encompass less than 20% of the ENTIRE state budget. That less than also includes courts and bridges as well as the cost of maintaining them.
    I will give you all of it. Now give me back the other 80%.
    Such a strawman argument to use state funding while we discuss the federal government and then call on roads and police to back up your point when they make up the minority of the spending. Do some homework or go home. I grow so tired of hearing those things cited as support when the same people citing them do not even realize how little those things make up of the budget.

    Your “success” and attitude is completely about looking down on people. Maybe you missed the part where we discussed that all three of us help entrepreneurs out all the time. Maybe you missed the fact that for 10 bucks I teach them how and what to do to get started. Maybe you missed a lot while taking notes.

  6. Mark Lazarchic says:

    9:23 People helping each other is NOTHING like a union. This fantasy that unions are to help people and fight the evil companies is as outdated as most of the fear based rhetoric.
    Unions however have managed to destroy education in America and create the most corrupt system we have ever had.

    • Albatross says:

      Yeah, unions have managed to destroy America. Right. They’re the ones hoarding everyone’s pay raise since 1980. Unions are the ones driving climate change. Unions are the guys who dismantled every protection so that workers in the US are now competing directly with 8 year old kids in Indochina. Unions are the multibillion dollar organizations not paying taxes. Unions have a vast propaganda network controlling our media. Right. Unions.

      • Mark Lazarchic says:

        Most car workers ARE union so yes they made climate change.
        Unions created their own dismantling by demanding 25 bucks for the guy that sweeps the floor.
        Unions ARE multi billion dollar organizations.
        Unions donate more to campaigns than…wait…anyone.
        You forgot to mention the super job they have done with education!

        Worst poster ever

  7. manna_the_destroyer says:

    This is the first episode I have wanted to listen to twice.

  8. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?