[Article 133]Episode 20!

We ran a little long this week trying to cover a few different topics. Of course, we had our Pi Day party recap, including the pie that got away. Behold! The Venn Pie-agram!

We also discuss the Zangief Kid video, you know, the one where the fat kid is getting beat on by some little punk and finally hulks out on him? If not, here it is: 

Finally, we both vent spleen over our hatred of euphemisms. Also Matt likes to say cunt.

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  1. Agree with the euphemisms, except sometimes when they’re clever and done specifically for humor.

    Agree about the video, but the pile driver kinda scared me, hell you could kill someone doing that

  2. Hooray for fractals!!! I very much need to do this next year!

  3. On memorizing pi:

    The way I learned the first 20 decimal places of pi was from a little poem I learned from an old issue of Mental Floss:

    Sir, I send a rhyme excelling,
    In sacred truth and rigid spelling,
    Numerical sprites elucidate,
    For me the lexicon’s dull weight.

    The number of letters in each word correspond to each digit in pi. It takes a bit of mental work to convert the poem to numbers on the spot, but you get to combine the nerdy aspects of both math and language.

    PS: When searching for the text of the poem, up turned a Wikipedia page with 75 and 3834 digit constructions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piphilology

  4. Hey guys, but especially Matt who seemed to have absolutely no perspective about how relevant Elizabeth Taylor was back in the day, check this out:

    Read that, it’s totally worth your five minutes, Salsa (or ten for Matt). :P
    She was a youthful beauty first, then amazing actress and sex symbol; she was notable that way for decades before she became a caricature and she made a lot of great films along with crappy ones.

    And even if you’re not really into classic films, Thompson’s right: A Place in the Sun is amazing.

  5. My wife saw The Venn Pie-agram over my shoulder, laughed and said “yay geeks!” :-)

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