[Article 137]Episode 19!

So, Salsa and Matt recorded this episode after finishing an
exceptionally large dinner, so if they sound fatter than usual, that’s


We bottled some beer, ate some steak and talked about Pi. Er . . . pie. Whatever, the point is, Salsa’s fat.

We also cover St. Patrick’s Day (lame), Pi Day (awesome) and discuss
whether or not we think it’s cooler to have a paper shredder or garbage
disposal built into your counter. Yeah, shit gets real.

Lastly, Matt hates on Harry Potter and Justin Smurf remembers the biscuits.

Also, also, here’s the BMX dance video Matt was talking about from the movie Rad:

11 Responses to [Article 137]Episode 19!

  1. As per your request for science/math music, Jonathan Coulton has a song called “Mandlebrot Set”. It’s *slightly* out of date, and drops the f bomb a couple of times, but just a thought.

  2. As for “claimed” holidays the first year in our house we invited all the family for our Xmas Eve in the house. There was a big family argument in the wife’s family at Thanksgiving so no one showed up. So we said screw them and started doing our “Orphan’s Xmas Eve” for friends whose family is too far away either physically or mentally.

    A few years ago Beth came down with the Norwalk virus for Xmas so she had to quarantene herself and missed out, so we did Xmas Part II party a month later as a do-over and it has turned into a great tradition where we see all our friends we would like to see at Xmas, but who have commitments to see their biological families as opposed to their chosen family.

    Science/math songs? Tom Lehrer’s “Lobachevsky” “New Math” “The Elements”

  3. Speaking of St Paddy’s. My old Scottish group always used to march in the parade in St. Paul. One year someone from a radio station interviewed a few members before the parade and asked if they had been drinking yet, and when they replied “no” they were asked when they were going to start. That’s when they decided it wasn’t worth doing any more.

  4. I can’t imagine Salsa would have a problem with a song that says fuck a couple of times. It’s weird, I don’t think I have anything by Coulton with the exception of the track he did with MC Frontalot on Front’s latest album.

  5. Yeah, I think part of why I stopped caring about St. Patrick’s Day is it reminds me too much of New Year’s Eve. Just another amateur night for the folks who can’t have a couple drinks without turning into an asshole.

  6. Glad to hear you took my recommendation on Benedictine. I look forward to hearing if you like how it turns out.

    I’d also recommend drinking it, of course. A little bit goes a long way since it’s a sweet liqueur, but it’s been one of my relaxation drinks for a good decade now.

    If you do drink it, I’d recommend a tall schnapps glass or a snifter, as it tends to evaporate quite a lot and you don’t want to lose inhaling that before sipping. It’s incredibly subtle and has a good 8 levels of flavour to it.

    As for pronunciation, I say it the same way you did. It’s made by the Benedictine monks, so unless I’ve been pronouncing their name wrong, as well… ;-)

  7. The wife and I have loved Benedictine for ages as a special treat if we go out for dinner someplace fancy. A shot of Benedictine in a small snifter and a cup of coffee rather than a dessert.

  8. So it’s too late for this year but “New Math” by Tom Lehrer. File that away for next year’s Pi Party. Also, I have a yummy booze drink I made up called Coconut Cream Pie.

  9. Really interesting topic raised

  10. Shawn Pitre says:

    What is This?

  11. Shawn Pitre says:

    Darn it….What are This?