[Article 142]Episode 16

We’re back! This episode we talk about getting old. Also, Pi, both the mathematical construct and the dessert, both of which are cool. Look, just give it a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

14 Responses to [Article 142]Episode 16

  1. Couple things to say about this episode:

    First, MN Workforce Center sucks donkeyballs.

    Second, About videogames with morale systems: I do highly enjoy these games, and I’d like to recommend the Mass Effect series to you guys. Where most games with morale choices, generally it works on a scale where you’re either good or evil. Mass effect gives you two separate scales, one for good deeds, and one for evil, so you never feel like you’re forced to go down one path or the other. It really makes you see how everything you do has a consequence other than the thought of, “well, I’m still good, cause the scale says I am.”

    That coupled with being able to load a save file from one game from the next gives you a greater sense of continuity, but also shows how your consequences span more than just the immediacy of one game.

    Thirdly, this seemed fairly apropos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAG9Xn5bJwQ&feature=player_embedded

  2. It’s almost 3am, and the reason for that is Steve’s post. I watched the video he linked to, went to the website at the end of the video, and spent waaay too much time enjoying the funny. Cheers, Steve. Favre, out.

  3. When whipping cream, I tend to add a bit of Benedictine (liqueur) for flavour. Honey is nice, but tends to be a little too cloying for me.

  4. Pumpkin, rhubarb and apple pies, fruit in general preferred, I avoid cream-type pies. Rather have pie for my birthday than cake. What’s with the whole apple pie and cheese thing? Surprised there were no hair pie comments.

    The family tends to last into their 80′s on average, so I figure a little exercise and an aspirin a day might make those elder years more comfortable if I last that long too. Gramps was self-sufficient and lived on his own mostly up until that last year when he broke a leg and realized wh wasn’t going to be able to walk around the city any more.

    Salsa’s Pi Day party description reminded me… Have any friends who insist on having party games even for non-themed adult parties? Some friends seem to (but then, they also home schooled their kids and are performer types) and it caught be of guard the first time.

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