Episode 97!

Just a quick summary this week, getting ready for a weekend at Fest you know. We talk school, gamification, corporate acronyms and breaking up. Enjoy!

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  1. Manna_the_destroyer says:

    JESUS-TAPDANCING-CHRIST it’s pronounced “Loo-boo-tahn”. It’s designer-shoe-knockoff spam! gawd.

    Now: I have thoroughly rebelled against the pressure on all women to “stay friends” with my exes. Most of the break-ups were messy (both as dumpee & dumper); and that usually left a bad taste in my mouth (figuratively, you dirty boys). In my mid-20’s leading up to the relationship that became the marriage; I far preferred to have FWBs or one-night stands. That was messy in a fun way.
    I do see some of my exes at random times, & I would say I’m on an “acquaintance” level of ambivalence towards most of them. One is better on better terms with me & one I pretend doesn’t exist (because he started planning our marriage on the 3rd date).

  2. I loved Salsa’s break-up story.

    With my story, I’ll go with a version what that essentially worked. I was dating someone for a couple of months–we met at a Voltaire show, where I approached her because we’d both brought books to read between the night’s events. Our breakup occurred at a coffee shop within walking distance from her apartment, and while neither of us expected it to be a breakup date, that’s how it worked out. I started the conversation with the classic line: “We need to talk”. As she replied with “yes”, I got the idea that what I hoped would be a “how can we make it better” conversation would be better steered to “let’s still be friends”. We agreed that was for the best, hugged out the awkwardness of the moment, went back to her place, and had great sex. We remained FWB until she got a new boyfriend, which was nearly two years later.

  3. Also, Salsa’s reaction to “Portal vs Psychonauts”–priceless.

  4. The work saying I personally hate is “It is what it is.” or “Please do the needful”. Totally agree…do ask me what is wrong just tell me what is wrong. Lets fix this faster rather then later. If i did something wrong obviously I don’t know what it was.

  5. The story that comes to mind for me when I was the dumper was when I broke up with a girl at the movies after she has just given me an early Christmas present. I tried to give it back but should would not take it. She asked why and I told her the truth of how I really only asked her out in the first place because her friend begged me to because she (girl being dumped) was into me and I find someone I was actually wanting to date. I felt bad for even asking out in the first place and even worse after I dumped her.

    The other story I got is where I got dumped because the girl was using me to get back at her folks. I was into the girl but to find out she only dated me to have sex with me and loss her virginity to get back at her folks for something. She then told her parents about us and then her folks called my folks and demanded a meeting even though we were broken up. Her folks threatened to file statutory rape on me if I contacted her again. To find out a little bit later we both were within the ages of consent, but still really scary when your in high school.

    • I don’t see either of them and they did not end well. Though I did find out not long ago that the girl that dumped me is now uber religious and married to a guy who is like 2 times her again.

  6. @PedanticEric says:

    I’m amused at how much time you spent ripping on the term “top performer” so I’ll just leave this here:


    • I am so happy about this right now…

      • @PedanticEric says:

        Clearly, Matt is the best friend ever. And given that all three of you were at cast call after cast call a few years ago when Carr was going on about this program and his book, it means you’re all a bunch of inattentive assholes. :)

  7. This is the first episode that didn’t have “Is this too loud for the podcast?” at the end. Matt did you fall asleep while cutting this together?

  8. along the lines of the corporate culture. I always hated all the different variations on the personality type tests that would categorize people’s personality or learning style on a scale between four different types. They had different terms, but they’re all basically the same.

  9. So there keeps being a mention of a horror genre podcast. Has that been released yet or am I going crazy?

    • I’m working on getting the site put together now so I can get the episodes we have in the can uploaded. We wanna have them available by KoL Con.

  10. Playing the Portal 2 Co-op was a blast!

  11. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?