Episode 98!

We had a hot weekend out at the MN Renaissance Festival, and lament accordingly. We also discuss bathroom scents because, well, because Matt.

Also, one of our listeners has a kickstarter which you can find here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1299414879/a-superior-view. He’s looking to do a photo journey on the upper peninsula of Lake Superior and we think it sounds great. He’s only got a couple days left, please check it out now!

Salsa went to a wedding in Marshall that wasn’t all he hoped it would be, and Jena gets us talking about family and faith. Seriously, this was a fun one.

9 Responses to Episode 98!

  1. I stopped drinking soda and started drinking mainly tea and water and in 2 months I dropped about 15 pounds. The rest of my diet didn’t really change, I through in the occasional salad.

  2. @PedanticEric says:

    I pledged a few bucks on the Kickstarter. Not much time left, though.

  3. I remember going to the wedding of a former Renfest participant a few years back where the minister said very pointedly that a marriage was between a man and a woman. Don’t know if he said it because he knew the demographic of the rennies in attendance , or was oblivious, but one of our witchy friends almost had to be physically restrained.

    • I was at a friends mothers funeral and the mother was a long time Ren Fest patron. The Priest made some not so nice comments about pagans and witchcraft and how they will burn in hell and such. It took a lot of restraint from a lot of festies to not make a scene.

  4. For those who are interested and haven’t seen, I give you the Muppets on Puppets video.

    Sorry, there’s a link below… so I should write in this style…

    The content on your feature is second only to nothing. We are learned for the useful words you thoughtfully put to pen in this space. This possibly relevant to your publishing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=MUdJVsDpGTI

  5. Let’s play fast 5 as I listen…

    Rocky (He’s talking squirrels!)
    Portal (psychonauts made me physically ill)
    WoW (fuck kotor2)

    after questions:
    Ninja… but I yearn to piracy
    Rocky still. He’s a character not just a mouthpiece for authorial ranting.
    See above.
    Goddammit you said “knights” earlier, making me think of the other games. I’d probably pick SWToR then because the main characters in WoW just stand around giving quests or just wait around for raids to slay them. Now if you mean which would you rather be a character in (not a protagonist, because you don’t play a protagonist in WoW), I’d pick WoW. Aw man, goblin planet would suck.

  6. Manna_the_destroyer says:

    APROPOPE OF NOTHING is brilliant & should be propagated. And you already have a saint! ;)

    Frost & I had Umpire Stikes Back marry us; only he refused to wear his zebra stripes & skates. It was still wonderful, though, because he’s a friend & we trusted him to say nice things. And we met ahead of time to go over the basic message. I sometimes wonder if marriage officiants slip in their own stuff without the couple knowing about it ahead of time.

  7. Apparently you, Salsa, like me, missed the woman in very little dress and no underwear. I just heard about that joyous addition to the day.

  8. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?