Episode 5! Part 1

This week’s episode got waaaay longer than we expected, so we are splitting it into two parts. In part one, Matt explains dropping out of NaNoWriMo, and we talk about writing in general and typing skills in particular.

Salsa has just returned from Virginia and Matt is about to head to Florida, so TSA and airport security are on Matt’s mind. Matt and Salsa find themselves arguing about the value of safety vs. freedom and find they don’t agree about it much.

The freedom fighter Matt mentions and can’t remember the name of is Dean Cameron, the creator of Security Edition.

We spend a bunch of time fucking with each other and Matt decides he needs to brew a beer called Feedbock.

3 Responses to Episode 5! Part 1

  1. Proof everything is fun as a game, INCLUDING Jesus:


  2. Just found you guys and am catching up the backlog, so I have no idea whether anybody will even see this, but Matt, your silent protest method for airport security here, is missing a fundamental point here.

    You are suggesting that you are freely giving up your own time to make this statement, and that makes it okay. However, you’re ignoring completely the consequences of your action outside your own consequences: namely that by purposefully making the process of getting through security as difficult for yourself as possible, you are further delaying everybody in line behind you, putting the security agents in a bad moon which will end up causing problems for everybody in line behind you, and just generally contribute to making every single person in that airport’s experience less positive.

  3. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are this?