Episode 101!

So this week, we’re all a little out of sorts for different reasons. That being said, Matt and Jena start the show without Salsa because Salsa is all moving and shit. Then Matt talks endlessly about his KoL Con experience, which causes much jealously in his cohosts.

So our buddy Skully got to rock his own verse of Nerdcore Rising at KoL Con 9, here’s the proof:

The game Matt, Skully, Adam and Front invented on the way to karaoke works thusly:

1. Stand near crowd of nerds or wait for a group of nerds to be seated at an adjacent table.

2. Choose a much beloved property of nerd culture and have a slightly too-loud conversation about how some aspect of it sucks.

3. Enjoy the pained expressions or even righteous defenses of said nerd property. Bonus points for making a nerd’s nose bleed.

Lastly, don;t forget to check out Jena’s Halo charity project here.

10 Responses to Episode 101!

  1. My thoughts on your thoughts on Con:

    – Drinking Pimms in January? You crazy, crazy American folk!

    – Next time, beat Skully with a stick until he takes you to sushi on Friday. See also: my prior comment on whichever show that was.

    – People who kicked Matt’s ass at chugging during trivia? Me!

    – Be sad that you missed out on Mr. Card Game. Be delighted that this sentance links to its Kickstarter!

    – We say “maths” in England, hence “mathematics”. That question may also have been WAY too smug. Never mind!

  2. Matt it was lovely to meet you at con. I was especially amused by Andy forcing me to stand still so you could examine my new tattoo (the geeky pin-up girl).

    I also look forward to you trying the Pimm’s cocktail. It was much better than I anticipated, sort of like a British sangria.

    And, oh dear god, I could not agree with you more about Applebee’s if I tried. I hate that freaking place. I can’t stand it and only partly because every time I go in there I wonder if they are filming an episode of Teen Mom. *stabs*

  3. Best.Jena-break.Ever

  4. So would I be correct in assuming that it was my fault that Jena did research on MRA’s?

  5. The Brits call it “Maths.” #knighted

  6. I don’t recall hearing if you made the purchase for the new equipment from the Kickstart, did you buy it yet?

  7. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?