Episode 103!

We continue our journey through sake month with special guest Porter! Speaking of sake, Jena’s birthday sake crawl was a thing that happened. Whoa man that was a lot of sake. Also, here’s our friend Hawkin’s Morgan, which tragically took an injury while giving Jena her birthday ride:

We also spend a fair amount of time talking about vaguebooking, grammar, spelling, and other conversational annoyances.

Fair warning, this episode is just damn silly.

5 Responses to Episode 103!

  1. RoaTheEternal says:

    Salsa talking about the people in his class saying stupid things during their presentations remined me of Government class in my senior year of High School (just about 10 years ago now). We had to do a presentation on a bill that was currently in congress or recently voted on or whatever. Now, one of the girls in the class was giving her presentation and was constantly using the word “like” as a filler word (This is a big tune out thing for me. once in a while is fine, but contantly just drives me crazy). In the end, she had used the word at least 25 times in the 5 minutes of her half of the presentation (she was working with one other person and the presentations were supposed to be 10 minutes).

    I actually have a Yahoo email address that is my primary email (except for official things like on my resume).

    Something I’ve been thinking about lately in regards to the show is that you seem to be allowing Engineer Corwin to talk a lot more than you used to (basically more than just the fast-five). How long until he becomes an official cohost and gets his own @aonpodcast email?

  2. Yeah, the overuse of “like” as a filler is really annoying, perhaps more so than the standard “um.” I can dig that.

    As for Engineer Corwyn getting official cohost status and an email address? Let’s remember I’m currently NOT drinking large amounts of alcohol so I’d say the chances are currently pretty slim. If I may nerd out for a moment, I like to think of the engineer as the companion to the hosts Dr. Who. Useful in a pinch, but ultimately replaceable.

    • RoaTheEternal says:

      RE: Replaceable Engineers

      That’s understandabe, but remember that like The Doctor (regenerations) the hosts also “can be replaced”.

      Also, I feel that permission does not need to be asked for to nerd out, particularly on the internet.
      I also just sent four groups of Fast-Five questions. The last group was going to have just three, but I thought of two more that were close enough to the theme at the last minute.

  3. Terrible Pseudonym Andy says:

    Preliminary nerdsouring suggests that all of the episodes are still on the website, complete with readouts of the episode duration. Actual calculation of total timewasting relies on me not being at work.

  4. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?