Episode 104!

So, there’s more sake to be had this week, or technically plum wine I guess. I don’t know I didn’t get to drink the fucker. Sigh.

You know what? Here:

Ahhhhh, I feel better.

Anyway, we try to figure out why our kids and spouses have no school this week. Then Matt complains about people dressing like douches ( You know who you are!) and Salsa tries to help us figure out what the deal is with videogame achievements.

8 Responses to Episode 104!

  1. Hey Matt, have you ever had an air mattress spring a leak, and if you have, do you take the time to actually figure out where the leak is? Apply that to boats… Bilge pump.

  2. Sake is classified as wine in most places because the alcohol content is in the same range, and it is thus taxed as wine. It is fermented something like beer, but is in no way a spirit, because it is not distilled. “Sake” basically means booze in Japan, they have a different word for what we call sake. Plum wine is wine, it is just near the sake at many stores because most places have an “Asian” section. At Byerly’s they sometimes put the plum wine in the section with the other fruit and honey wines, near the fortified stuff (port, madeira and sherry).

    Hobbist rant: The standard grape wine producers striving to be “fancy” and memories of horrible grandma’s house homemade fruit wines have tainted the public against non-grape wines. Fruit wines/mead are difficult to market, and usually made to be dessert wines because nobody believes you can make a dry or complex beverage with non-grapes, even though it is completely possible. Did you know that non-grape wines are not allowed to be labelled with a vintage, even though many, especially vegetable based, improve dramatically with age. Pumpkin and spiced beer is all the rage, pumpkin spice wine is better.

    • Thank you so much for clearing that up. I know a lot about traditional grape wine, but fruit wines are a gray area, and sake and other Japanese wines are a bit of an enigma for me.

      We might have to do a fruit wine DOTM, so if you have suggestions for good ones, let me know!

  3. Nothing wrong with a guy getting a woman a sex toy. I have gotten several over the years for my woman.

    Totally nerdy thought came into my mind as Matt was saying he would rather be surrounded by concrete and Salsa wanted to be in the woods. I was like damn Salsa is such an elf and Matt a dwarf.

    Finally the thought of Matt dressed up like Betty White, people would think he was Norman Bates from Psycho.

    PS Horror Show Hot Dog worth a listen for sure.

  4. I usually wear a leather jacket most of the winter, but used to wear a wool and polar fleece lined cloak over the leather jacket when it was below zero. (Now I’ve got an ankle-length great coat for when it’s that cold so I passed on the cloak)
    As far as not wearing underwear under a kilt -pbbbt! I usually go regimental, but depends on the temperature -not getting chaffed in hot weather is more important than the manly aspect of going regimental. It was rarely 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity in the Highlands. (But a little antiperspirant between the thighs can help)

    Speaking of kilts, Fest is the only place I’ve had a drunk woman lift my kilt. Kinda wish I had been regimental at the time so maybe she would have realized how out of line she was…

  5. Sarah Linafelter says:

    Salsa, I will make you a walking stick of buckthorn. You don’t have to walk with it. tee hee hee hee

  6. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?