Episode 105!

Our heart has grown three sizes today, because we love charity and our guest Chris Marchand. Seriously, look at this guy and tell me you don’t wanna donate to charity because he told you to:

Chris Marchand

Chris has the distinction of rocking the charity High Charity, of which Jena is a participant. “Participant,” you say? Yes, this charity plays video games to raise money for Child’s Play. Here’s a link to the charity Child’s Play so you can see what they’re all about.

The Halo marathon starts this Friday, October 26th at noon, so get your donations in and follow their progress on the website.


3 Responses to Episode 105!

  1. We’ve listened to audio books for years whenever we were on road trips, and it’s one of the ways I keep myself amused while working for myself making our stuff. Although these days it’s more often podcast fiction I listen to as opposed to audio books from the library.

  2. Shawn Ptre says:

    My wife listens to audio books because she finds she reads slow, and it can take her weeks/months to get through a book, but she can listen to one while rocking our daughter to sleep or doing the dishes or other chores.

    I generously give her as much audio book listening time as she wants!

  3. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?