Episode 106!

Happy Halloween everybody! Jena, Matt and Gretta took the kids trick or treating last night. Austin looked the scariest when passed out on Gretta’s shoulder:

Sweet, huh?

Anyway, we spend some time telling you guys about the new theater production company we are involved in creating, Fearless Comedy Productions. You may have noticed the new banner on the website, the Fearless website goes live this weekend. More to come on that soon.

4 Responses to Episode 106!

  1. The show you all don’t get is called Pretty Little Liars, and the people on it are horrible, mostly because they are incredibly stupid and shortsighted. Most shows are populated with people that are transparently flawed (see the casts of awful jerks in Madmen and Breaking Bad) it’s the level of extreme melodrama that keeps the types of shows you mentioned entertaining. If you aren’t yelling at the screen, you’re watching it wrong. It’s like wrestling but with fewer broken chairs.

    • Thanks for helping me out with the title. I guess you’re prolly right about the melodrama being what makes people come back. I certainly enjoy shows with flawed characters, that’s what makes a character interesting, but I guess I think of these characters as not flawed, but awful. So I don’t understand wanting to watch people be awful.

  2. RoaTheEternal says:

    Finally was able to listen to this today (Fucking Sandy putting me a week behind on all of my media consumption). I take a week off work, get caught in a hurricane and lose power for the rest of the week (Was in upstate New York visiting friends and family). Get back home and half a week later, a noreaster and snow.

    On Pi(e) Day invite: While much appreciated, being in Massachusetts makes attending quite dificult. Maybe if the invite is open ended for any future Pi(e) Day I’ll be able to make it at some point.

    On Rain v Snow: While driving in snow is much worse than rain (though not nearly as difficult as some people make it seem), what I had in mind was being caught ouside in it unprepared. I hate getting wet, so for me snow is much preferred since it takes time for it to melt and you can clear it off of yourself before then.

  3. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?