Episode 108!

This week Jena get freaked out by the mouse that runs by as we record, Salsa is late because he was busy pre-gaming at a local brewpub, and Matt reveals he spent the weekend playing videogames and talking to himself.

We also ask ourselves what we would do with our free time if we had unlimited funding. Give it a listen and weigh in with your answers in the comments or by email.



9 Responses to Episode 108!

  1. Strictly speaking “Semetic” refers to the languages and cultures of most of the people in/from the middle east. Think everyone in the middle east who isn’t Persian or sub-Sahara African. You know, all those genetically undifferentiated people who are murdering each other so much right now. Good times.

  2. There is a new brewpub/smoke house in south Minneapolis. http://www.northboundbrewpub.com/
    There have local beers also. Good beers and great food.

    Matt… people at Vil chant for you to get kicked in the junk. Your so easy to love and to just hate. Your pain brings the world joy.

  3. Heard Matt mention Richard Feynman’s books. Do you own both “Surely You’re Joking..” and “What Do You Care…”? I discovered “Surely You’re Joking…” when I was on a band trip when I was in Grade 12 and it kind of confirmed my decision to go on to university and get a physics degree. The Los Alamos lock-picking stories still make me laugh to this day.

  4. RoaTheEternal says:

    I was totally going to say playing video games for what I would do if I had unlimitted funds, but since you said that’s not a valid option (though I don’t actually get to play them currently due to my work schedule) I’ll have to go with openning a restaurant. I’m a cook and love cooking, but my current job has me so frustrated because my coworkers don’t have as high standards for their food as I do. Having a place where I can basically cook whatevr I want without really caring about how sucessful it is (due to the unlimitted funds) would be great.

    Also, you guys totally mentioned Fearless earlier in the podcast than the end. (Jena mentioned updating the site. I know, drink)

  5. @PedanticEric says:

    I have vanilla schnapps in my liquor cabinet right now. Dr. McGilllicuddy’s makes it, along with some other random companies. You probably didn’t look in the right place at the corner store.

  6. @PedanticEric says:

    “This may be too much TMI, but…” – Salsa

    So it was too much too much information? ­čśŤ

  7. Unlimited funds? Start a gentlemen’s club (not limited to men) or “salon” where like-minded friends could hang out or have a house big enough to host such gatherings in a proper style.

  8. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?