Episode 109!

We’re all about continuing education this week. Matt talks about his improv class at HUGE Theater, Jena spent the weekend learning more about stage combat at Carnage in the Corn, and Salsa learned about the delicious beers of Duluth including the awesomely-named Castle Danger.

11 Responses to Episode 109!

  1. 1960’s Zorro with Douglas Fairbanks? Douglas Fairbanks died in the 1930’s. His Zorro film was in the 1920’s. You guys make me sad.

  2. Terrible Pseudonym Andy says:

    Just in case you decide to move up the Pimms to December:


    Also, there’s something wrong with the idea of Pimms cocktails in December in your wintery climes.

  3. There are 3 Mitch Hedberg albums. The one Matt didn’t mention is called “Do You Believe In Gosh?”

  4. There is a new brewpub in South Minneapolis, Northbound Smoke House. They smoke their own meat and feature their beer and local companies.

    Back before the end of the fest, I sent in fest themed questions. I believe they were used on the 100th episode.

    I choose those pies due to that being the normal for my family.

  5. RoaTheEternal says:

    So as a cook and someone who watches a lot of the Food Network, I have to agree with Salsa on stuffing. It needs to be cooked outside of the bird. Cooking the stuffing inside requires you to cook it until the center of the stuffing reaches 165 degrees to be completely safe. By that point, the breast meat (which most people are going to want) will likely be over 190 and the dark meat will be over 180 leading to dry overcooked meat.
    Feel free to put stuffing inside the bird after cooking. If you put the cooked stuffing in just after the bird comes out of the oven (or fryer or smoker or whatever) you’ll still get plenty of juices into the stuffing while the turkey rests before carving.

  6. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?