Episode 112!

Matt’s back this week with tales of punk rock shows and additional head injuries. Seriously, this is becoming a habit:

This is the best thing your wife can be woken up to at 1AM.

Meanwhile Jena hasn’t left the house in a week due to working hard on the new Young Notions Online Store, and Salsa talks about donuts in a non-food related way. We all try to wrap out brains around the idea of “buying local” for the holidays and our topic roulette turns into a discussion of cheerleading. Oddly enough both Jena and Matt were cheerleaders. Here’s the picture of Matt we were talking about:

Yep, that's Matt as a purple-haired girl's hockey cheerleader.

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  1. As far as internet sales close to 1/3 of my gross is our online orders, so we couldn’t get by without it.

  2. Love the Fast Five this week…especially the group not knowing what Question 2 was about. I laughed so hard when those answers were revealed, I literally cried.

    • And yes, I mean literally, not figuratively. There were actual tears.

      Also, stupid machine forgetting to post that was me.

    • Shawn Pitre says:

      Thanks Anon.

      I actually thought about those for a few weeks, tring to make sure they were as good as I could. I know I could have found some better ones….Now I gotta listen to the show and hear the answers 😉

  3. darmok and jalad at tanagra is one of my favorite ST:NG episodes. The most interesting part was Picard learning to communicate when words don’t translate directly. The alien race language was in metaphor so the universal translator was un-helpful. Picard was forced to learn the meaning through context.
    People are speaking in metaphor and ‘in’ speech and those who don’t know the meaning of the ideas are left out of understanding of the conversation. Think about how often we get our ideas across without elaborating more than say: ‘go to 11′ or ’42’.
    How ’bout Renfaire jargon? One word and we know the entire concept and can laugh but no one else gets the joke. (yo mama)

  4. Since it’s mulled wine month, I rna across this on a victorian history blog

    “Despite the increase in the influence of the Temperance movement throughout the 19th century alcoholic drinks remained a popular part of Christmas celebrations in Britain. The ancient practice of ‘wassailing’, when groups of people would go around singing carols and offering good wishes to their neighbours in return for a drink, money or the chance to warm themselves by a fire, still continued in many rural communities. Mulled wines and hot punches were particularly popular as they helped keep away the cold during the winter period. A type of mulled wine known as a ‘Smoking Bishop’ was one of the most popular Christmas drinks and involved mixing hot port, spices and roasted lemons or oranges. Other variations included Smoking Beadle (made with ginger wine with raisins) Smoking Archbishop (claret), Smoking Cardinal (champagne) and Smoking Pope (burgundy).”

    Smoking Bishop recipe I found

    • Very cool. I had a great Wassal recipe years ago but I think the book that had it went with the house to the first wife. I should look into that again.

  5. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?