Episode 114!

This week we are joined by Charles Knutson from MacGregor Games! Charles and his wife make amazing historical games such as these:

and some nerdier items such as these:

Seriously cool shit, check them out.

While we have him here we discuss Crimbo, games and gaming, and the most racist holiday snack food of all time.

4 Responses to Episode 114!

  1. Holy shit Salsa….you’ve heard of the Viccar of Dibley?

  2. Jena, yes that was me who made those Jena’s laugh tracks ringtones/alarms. I need to stop using them, though, because they scare my cat.

    I cares about the screwdriver. Chris and David’s (9 and 10’s) screwdriver was the blue tipped one that expanded in length. This is the one that the Sonic Screwdriver drink is based on. (See Melissa Kaercher’s Flickr stream.) Matt’s (11’s) screwdriver has a green light and a clawy thing at the top and he looks at it for readouts a lot. I have a copy of 10’s screwdriver.

    BTW, Libaries are where you can find thethaurutheth.

    On the subject Penn vs. Teller, I had forgotten their Ren Fest roots, but I’m glad you knew how magnificent an illusionist Teller is.

    And finally, I think my parents’ bedroom in the ’70’s had that color of shag carpeting. I think the better name for it is Yog Shaggoth carpeting. (I always mispronounce Yog Sothoth as Yog Shaggoth, so this makes sense to me.)

    I really liked listening to Charles talk about the games. I will check his online store out.

  3. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?