[Article 1965]Episode 117!

Hot shit, we are using our brand-new kickstarter equipment for the first time this week. The new sound may not be perfect yet, Matt’s still gotta learn a lot about using all the new toys.

This week we accidentally talk about videogames. Like, a lot. We also reveal a ton of details about this Saturday’s Fearless Comedy Productions launch party.

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  1. “Help support people funnier than us”

    Help Support Steve!

  2. Speaking of Chrono Trigger, the DS version has some new stuff added to it. Also, FarCry 2 is basically Grand Theft Auto: Africa. I would highly recommend playing the 3rd one when you have time.

    • The other advantage that the DS version of Chrono Trigger has over say, the DS Final Fantasy games, is that it isn’t redone in shitty 3D but keeps the original graphics and sprites.

  3. Maplewood Mall does suck… but it is nice because it has more stores I’d prefer over the Roseville… Though the Roseville at least has a movie theater and better restaurants. The Star Wars crocheted pieces are super awesome because I made them.

  4. Shawn Pitre says:

    Good quality on the audio, doesn’t need that much tweaking.

    As an aside, will you be posting your recipies for the Fearless launch party drinks?

  5. Albatross says:

    I easily may have missed it somewhere, but did you ever post a list of what equipment you picked up with the resources from the Kickstarter?

  6. Accidental Shakespeare joke!

    “Edmund, and his partner whose name I forget because I’m a bastard”

  7. I’m glad you enjoyed the Single Malt, Matt (and I don’t blame you one bit for not sharing :p). I would be happy to send you down some more, along with other Nova Scotian libation delicacies (like the reverse of what I gave you; ice wine aged in Single Malt barrels, vodka made from Annapolis Valley apples, rum made from molasses, it goes on), but the laws concerning shipping alcohol from Canada to the States must still be from the prohibition era–I can’t do it. :(

  8. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?