Episode 120!

Wow, we’re all over the place this week. Ever wonder what the definition of a box is? We do. Also, it’s time we all play Oregon Trail again goddammit! Go! Do it now! Here: www.virtualapple.org! We also tell all the dirty punchlines we know, then discuss drinking and doing the dishes. Not necessarily in that order.

Then Matt forces Salsa to justify his hatred of internet memes and slang before the gang discusses last weekend’s VilTen show. Finally, we have a pretty rocking Fast Five.

10 Responses to Episode 120!

  1. DUDE. ODELL LAKE. I PLAYED the FUCK out of that!

  2. Shawn Pitre says:

    I will have to check when I get home but I wonder if Serpentine is there……it had the greatest theme … I just remember the words “in the land of Mars, where the ladies don’t wear bras…but the men don’t care, ’cause they don’t wear underwear”

    Man I’m going to be sinigng that for the rest of my shift now…..dang

  3. I didn’t have an Apple II growing up but I had the next best thing: an Apple II clone. The Laser 128EX. It was basically completely compatible with the IIe/IIc but with twice the RAM (128kb vs. 64kb in the real Apples). Wish I still had it because I’d screw around with assembly and make games.

  4. Eric Thompson says:

    When I was in college, I drove to Canada with a friend of mine. We got stopped at the border for about an hour because we had D&D books with us. They thought we were going to take them across the border to sell them. They searched our bags and eventually let us go. On the way back, they didn’t care about the books, but they searched our car when we said we weren’t bringing back any booze or tobacco. Moral of the story, people smuggle books to Canada and booze to the US…

    • Shawn Pitre says:

      That seems so strange….because booze is so much cheaper theren than here. I suppose if you got it at the duty free….but still.

  5. Salsa, if it makes you feel better, I knew what you were talking about in the Fast Five.

  6. Jena: “I have tried it, I can knock it if I want. I can knock the FUCK out of it”
    Jena: “It was alright”

    Are you sure you aren’t secretly a Canadian?

  7. Horribly biased opinions on the Fast Five from a token Canadian listener, away!

    Food: I’ll happily grant Mexico this one. Canadian food is similar to American in that it’s an amalgamation/bastardization of every food that the immigrants that make up our countries bring. Mexican food actually has some identity to it. I am proud of the Canadian inventions of Donairs, garlic fingers, and the essential Poutine.
    Beer: Comparing macrobrews, we both suck exactly as much as the ‘States (piss water all around). Just like the Fosters example: we export the shit that we won’t drink ourselves. As far as craft brews and microbrews go, Canada wrecks face. Every major city has several micros and countless brew pubs
    Booze: Ice wine barrel-aged single malt. Need I say more? (Apparently, yes!) Also: Rye/Canadian whisky is far more versatile than tequila, gets much better with age (totally subjective but I’m sticking to it–whisky improves with age, tequila turns into shitty whisky) and the cheap stuff won’t murder you like cheap tequila will.
    Vacation: We don’t have border towns; you can actually experience Canadian culture. Also: you won’t be killed by drug traffickers up here. Advantage: Canada.
    Fleeing the gubment: better immigration, policing, and a lack of the aforementioned drug traffickers (who are easily bought as mercenaries by the gubment you have angered).

  8. Albatross says:

    “Hey everybody! An old person is talking!”

    MECC and TIES were (and in TIES case are) separate companies. MECC started as a consortium of state funded organizations. TIES remains a consortium owned by 47 Minnesota school districts, and it’s still printing everybody’s report cards. I’ve worked for both, but only been fired from one!

    MECC privatized and then was acquired in the mid-Nineties. They produced tons of early, great software with an educational emphasis such as Math Blasters, or the program I worked on regarding conic sections (whoo!).

    The reason Odell Lake and MECC and TIES were all in Minnesota was because Minnesota was Silicon Valley before Silicon Valley existed. IBM, Honeywell, Univac, Control Data, etc. all had their headquarters here, and in an effort to grow future employees funded all sorts of educational programs around the state. MECC funded a state-wide computer network in the 1970s which was like the Internet to its users – in 1978 you could e-mail, play online games together, forum chat, all in text-only format. In 1983 Apple Computers convinced the MN State Legislature that this network was crap, and they should rip it up and replace it with an Apple ][ computer in every classroom. That’s why in the mid-Nineties you could find Apple ][ computers gathering dust in a corner of most Minnesota classrooms.

    When the legislature de-funded MECC’s computer network I decided that the community would probably be willing to pay money to remain in touch, which is why I started GamBit MultiSystems in 1983. We ended up creating the world’s first commercial Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) “Scepter of Goth,” back when “massively multiplayer” meant 16 users and “online” meant 300-baud dial-up modems. We franchised that to over a dozen cities, and the folks who ran our franchises back then, such as Marc Jacobs and Matt Firor, are now the leaders of the MMORPG industry, working on or running such products as Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

    One of my earliest experiences programming was with Oregon Trail. It used to be that you would be attacked by wolves, and the computer would tell you
    And then if you typed “BANG” fast enough, the wolves didn’t get you, otherwise they did.

    Well, THAT was boring, so I went in and changed the program so that instead of “BANG” it would select between 3 and 20 random letters. So you cold see…


    Ah, those were the good old days….

  9. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?