Episode 121!

Holy crap was this a fun one. There are few, if any, guests that are as much fun as Megan and Jeff from the Ridiculous Puppet Company. Hell, they bring lab coats.

We run the gamut this week as Matt tries to find ways to relieve stress, Salsa and Jena learn how much fun cheering for a high school dance squad can be, and Jeff and Megan tell us about making the Institute for Ridiculous Science into the company the Ridiculous Puppet Company.

Did I mention that Salsa gets a tarot reading from Miss Fortune? Oh, you don’t know her? Of course you do, it’s this lovely lady right here:

Damn I love these guys. I know we promised a bunch more links in the notes, so here’s a link to kick-ass lawyer Alex Bajwa and Blasphemina’s Closet.

19 Responses to Episode 121!

  1. Albatross says:

    Re: swearing – The nice thing about being so old is that MY mother couldn’t figure out how to listen to a podcast if she were held at gunpoint, and she couldn’t HEAR it if she did. And everyone else who spawned and raised me is dead! So I… win?

  2. Albatross says:

    Okay, so I’m listening to this at work, which means I’m only paying attention when Megan talks, and alluvasudden people are RIPPING on me! I’m hurt! Also, I’m appearing as a Celebrity Guest at Grumpy’s on Washington Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis for Ian Rans’ $50 Pyramid! SEE YOU THERE!

    (Marketing, bitches!)

    • Albatross says:

      Cool, Blasphemina’s Closet is upstairs from my studio in the same building. I should go up and say Hi to her.

    • Albatross says:

      Right after (actually sort of during) the rip-on-Bob segment (at 1:11:00) my download of the audio has about six “jumps” in the audio before 1:12:15 point. Probably just my download, but you might want to check it.

      • Albatross says:

        Copy downloaded from here sounds fine, probably just me. Because I’m old.

        • Albatross says:

          Sorry, these two messages weren’t clear. First message is about the “jumpy” audio on my RSS player on my phone, the second message is about audio played on my desktop downloaded from this web page.

  3. First game I finished was original Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Beat it after trying really hard on a weekend to finally beat it, then beat it eight times in a row.

    First computer game I beat was also Moon Patrol, but on the hard course (my sister was better at the normal course).

  4. Albatross says:

    Listening to Megan discuss Black-and-Tans is like listening to an extraordinarily sexy woman discussing one of my favorite drinks… Actually JUST like it…

  5. Tanja Trudslev says:

    Hey, just thought you guys might enjoy knowing that as i was playing this morning’s kol, I had to stop when i suddenly heard Matt butchering my name (it’s Danish, and requires at least three sounds I’ve been told are impossible by non-Danes) and just listen. This cheered up my grey, misty, Glasgow morning to no end :) It also made me shake a little with nervousness, since I’m painfully shy (hence it taking me over a year to dare write to you), so thanks for not being mean!
    p.s. you guys confused me so much, i adventured with the wrong familiar!

    • Thank you for taking the leap and sending us an email. It’s always a treat to hear from listeners. I wanna know how to say your name now! I cannot be defeated by mere syllables!

    • I believe it. My older brother was an exchange student it Denmark, but even he had to attempt some words twice to get it right. Victor Borge even had a routine on it.

      On the contrary, we are quite mean, but only to each other. I’d love to hear from you again.

  6. Watched all the Institutes videos at work this Friday,

    I had to mute my headset to avoid laughing when customers called in.

    Sooooo Good!

  7. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?