Episode 123!

Tonight we are joined by Jenna Papke of Six Elements Theater! I’ll have you know that Jenna is a hoot to talk to and knows her way around a production as well. We spend some time picking her brain about theater and the like but honestly, we’re just gonna have to have her on again because this could have been a 5 hour show. Check it out!

EDIT: Jena (our Jena) is doing the JDRF Walk for Diabetes. If you want to throw her a few bucks, you can do so here.

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  1. Re: baby guesses.
    Way back before I was born, they had a shower game where everyone writes down predictions about the baby on note cards to put in the baby book. My mom’s aunt wrote: “She will be a girl born on my birthday (a week before the due date) and if you name her after me, I will kill you.” Everyone else had boring guesses for date/gender/name. My aunt basically won, I was born female on her birthday, and probably out of spite, my middle name is after her.

  2. As a dude with a physics degree, I’ll weigh in on the calculus question.

    There are two pieces to calculus (both are connected but I’ll skip the technicals of how): derivatives and integrals. Derivatives let you define (oversimplifying greatly) rates of change like velocity for an instant in time as opposed to averages with aritmetic and algebra. Velocity being distance over time, you can define velocity at any point in time instead of just over a time interval. This is super useful and necessary in physics for just about everything.

    Integrals are sort of the inverse of derivatives, in the sense that the derivative of an integral of a function is (more or less, leaving out a detail here) is your original function. In physics since we generally define our formulas with derivatives like Jena was saying with waves, we can use integrals to solve the equations to get useful things like height of a water wave as a function of time.

    Hope that isn’t too confusing, and other people can feel free to correct me or come up with a nicer explanation.

  3. You realize your tax refund comes from over-paying your taxes, right? So breaking even is actually the goal? So if you want to get a big lump of money in April you could start just putting money into one of those things that banks have, a savings account!

    HAHAHAHAHA I know, right? “Savings.” Hahahahahaha…

    • Math: it took me 32 years to graduate from college BECAUSE my 1980 Computer Science degree insisted that I needed to know how to do Calculus and Multivariable Linear Algebra. I had five quarters of required advanced mathematics which took me fourteen quarters of college to complete – to say nothing of three semesters of Physics which took me five semesters. And having worked in the computer field for about 35 years now, I can confirm I’ve never needed ANY of it.

      Calculus is actually the mathematics of calculating volumes and related concepts such as surface area (which may be why a costumer would need it). Multivariable calculus, for example, calculates the volume of three dimensional space by using the X Y and Z axes as variables, or else using Radius and Angle as variables. I first started making headway in calculus when I realized that “R to the3rd Power” actually meant “The Radius on the X, Y, and Z Axes” and started rewriting the equations to read “rx*ry*rz” instead of “r^3″ It took me forever to figure this out, because the instructors never bothered explaining what the mathematics was FOR – in typical mathematics-nerd fashion the math was its own reason for being. One derives derivatives because they won’t derive themselves.

      Derivatives were ways of calculating the trend of a curve in a given area, integrals were ways of breaking curves down, etc. Once I started to grasp that (or whatever the reality actually is, since I may have forgotten again and be way off base by now) I started to survive math.

      But I’ve never NEEDED it. In fact the only time I’ve ever needed algebra was to teach my kids algebra. Frankly, I think advanced math was what nerds did for fun before the invention of electronics. How else did Einstein figure out that when you went real fast it was TIME that bent, and not the speed limit? Boredom and no video games meant he spent his time thinking of stupid, crazy ideas like “No, maybe TIME bends first” until one of them happened to actually be right.

    • Yes, I understand that. The big differences for the last couple years for Gretta and I have been child credits the year of the adoption and earned income credits, neither of which we qualified for this year. Ideally, yeah, I’d rather not be giving the government an interest-free loan from my paycheck, but we simply hadn’t gotten around to adjusting our withholding’s yet. Mores the pity.

  4. @PedanticEric says:

    On colorblindness.

    Salsa’s dead wrong (I know, shocking.) Red-green is the most common kind of color blindness:

    And holy fucking shit, check this out:

  5. I personally love to be in the front for Vil Shows… I am typically in the third row of chairs with the tables. I like to be close to shows..pick on me I don’t care

  6. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?