Episode 124!

Hey kids, we’re back with just us hosts this week. Did you know that the three of us sometimes accidentally hang out together when we’re NOT recording a podcast? I know, right? Mind. BLOWN. Anyway, we all attended Febtoberfest this year. Salsa even made beer for it!

One of these contains Salsa's delicious brew . . . BUT WHICH ONE?

This episode we discuss what games we’ve been playing and what books we’ve been reading since we haven’t done that in ages. We also do a Fast Five that we got sent in the mail. Sweet.


14 Responses to Episode 124!

  1. Here is the thing on venison sausage. I hunt deer as well, and you need fatty meat to make sausage. Venison is incredibly tough and lean so you have to mix it with pork to get the sausage. The quality of the sausage depends more on the pork than the venison, and what the ratio was.

  2. @PedanticEric says:

    I find it really amusing that you guys assume I’m the one who’s going to correct you, even when it’s something about which I know nothing at all.

    • “At what point, he wondered, does the image, the legend, outgrow the man (and the man becomes incidental, partially instrumental, in the legend making business)? At what point does the man, in fact, get in the way – by having the indecency to continue living, and thereby obstruct, even blight, this image making process?”

      -Chaucer Malone, Miguk, the Holy Man

  3. @PedanticEric says:

    Ugh, Mercedes Lackey? It’s mediocre fantasy for teenage girls, at best. I read Arrows of the Queen a few years ago and it wasn’t good. Think a step down from Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books, which can be enjoyable but a pretty middle bar to clear already.

    Matt, your cohosts don’t know what’s good.

  4. Also, clarify….which MarioKart are you referring to as the “first” one?

  5. Devonin says:

    The actual distinction between High and Low fantasy is that High Fantasy takes place in an entirely separate world from this one, and Low Fantasy takes place in a world that is either this one, or one where you can get there from here.

    Harry Potter is Low Fantasy, Narnia is Low Fantasy, Charles De Lint is mostly Low Fantasy.

    The term you were going for when you called Low Fantasy “Rubbish TSR stuff” is the subgenre “Sword and Sorcery” which is opposed by what you meant by High Fantasy: “Epic Fantasy”

    Epic Fantasy deals with large overarching epic plots, where the decisions of the protagonists have world-reaching consequences. Sword and Sorcery fantasy deals with just the lives and times of the protagonists, and while they do things that are important to -them- they aren’t things that are important to the whole world.

    • I’ve never heard of that distinction before, but as I’m always willing to assume someone else is smarter than me, I’ll consider myself #knighted.

      The more you know!

      • Devonin says:

        I’m a little bit of an SFF expert, as these things go. I read 50,000 pages of fiction last year, and I write reviews of SFF books for a website called The Ranting Dragon

  6. Devonin says:

    Also, if you’re looking for some truly excellent Fantasy to read, I’d suggest anything by Guy Gavriel Kay, and Steven Erikson’s ‘The Malazan Book of the Fallen’ as being exemplars of the genre.

  7. The talk about workouts reminded me of a couple LPs we had in the first library where I worked. It was just after the aerobicise/dancercise thing came out. We had a couple Christian music workout records entitled Believercise and “Firm” Believer…



  8. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?