Episode 42!

This week we cover the Renaissance Festival, the MC Frontalot show, Salsa going back to school and car accidents we’ve been in.

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  1. Either I’m having download trouble or this episode cuts off after about 30 minutes…

  2. Have to agree about writing, I never did an outline outside of a English composition course. If I were working on something longer like a book, maybe, but probably only to the point of deciding the topic for each chapter.

    Enjoyed (-except for kinship diagrams) my anthropology classes I could easily have gotten a minor in it with another class or tthree. Probably from watching lots of National Geographic sepecials with my parents as a kid.

  3. Absolutely agree on the writing. When I wrote university papers I would do all the research and then sit down over a week writing the paper and revising, editing and restructuring as I went along.

    I’m not so sure about whether the outline-then draft-then revisions-then final process is about getting students to the point of producing good papers. I wonder if it isn’t more of a tool to try and force the students to not write a paper in the last week/few days before the paper is due.

  4. Having listened to a couple friends who are now teaching at colleges as professors It’s probably partially due to the number of kids who arrive at college unprepared for the level of work in spite of their grades and SAT scores may say.

  5. This has happened to me, but if I try it again all is well. We think it’s just an issue with the file size and your computer timing out after a while. Just keep trying. Or, try downloading us on iTunes. If the file cuts out at exactly the same spot a second time, though, let us know. Thanks!

  6. I think you pegged it here. With my wife being an English teacher, I’ve had the opportunity to see just how unprepared some students are. And, I’m okay with that approach in those cases. My beef is with teachers who aren’t flexible enough to realize that some people learn in different ways. I understand that teaching is a hard job, but using a cookie-cutter approach with every student is a little lazy, and may actually be detrimental to some students.

  7. When I was in elementary school and needed to provide a rough draft of a piece of writing, I would write my paper, save it, and then go back and on purpose add in spelling mistakes, and delete a few sentences so I could make a rough draft to hand in.

    In university, I would already have an idea what I wanted to write about, and would gather up some sources that seemed reasonable, type the whole thing essentially from whole cloth, and then just search out and pull, as I was writing, quotations that supported my position, so I could cite them.

    If I were forced to provide an outline, rough draft and revisions, I would just fail outright too.

  8. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?