Episode 159!

We are joined this week by Engineer Anna La Vigne to kick off a new month of cocktails that she co-created with Matt. Did we mention they’re strong? We have one of our infamously long conversations this week about dieting, babies, movies, strip clubs, podcasts, divorce, and more. Buckle up.

4 Responses to Episode 159!

  1. Shawn Pitre says:

    *insert obligatory What-Are-This here*

  2. Guy with ulcer substitutes ketchup for siracha… news at 11:00

  3. Terrible Pseudonym Andy says:

    Data for y’all: I listen to AoN at work, amongst a whole other slew of podcasts. I also thrive on drunken podcasts – it’s a fine alternative to air conditioners and office conversation, and writing code is WAY easier with podcasts than constantly changing music.