Episode 160!

Sorry we’re late folks, but we’re back with a new episode recorded in our new studio.

6 Responses to Episode 160!

  1. You should try Fireball Whiskey with Cider… that is the Misses favorite drink when at home.

  2. “Bring my brother”

    I have actually seen “The Thing,” you know.

  3. Shawn Pitre says:

    HostGator? What are This?

  4. So now we know to watch every November for the site to disappear and we can hijack the domain?

  5. Matt and Jena,
    I’m glad you both enjoyed my stand-up set. Trying to decide if I should be upset you seemed surprised by that. :-P

    The show before “Spellcaster” that Matt was talking about was indeed awesome. It was “Hear No Evil” and it was indeed intense.