Episode 161!

This week we have a fun, casual conversation and Matt and Salsa finally get Salsa’s interview with Mr. B from CONvergence transferred into a format we can use on the podcast.

8 Responses to Episode 161!

  1. Shawn Pitre says:

    I’ve thought about getting there to visit. Unfortunately I don’t have the about thousand dollars to fly there and back.

  2. Shawn Pitre says:

    Oh, yeah….delayed interview…what are this?

  3. So Matt called Salsa’s daughter a pass around girl?

  4. I love our king-size waterbed, but then -it’s also good waveless mattress. We also use two queen-sized comforters as blankets so I don’t fight don’t fight over a blanket with the spousal unit.

  5. Wow, I got over 20 minutes.
    Interesting discussion going on here. I’m with Salsa here, have always felt heavy blankets were warmest and I have seen fritzing electric blankets. Thank you.
    Oh, and Salsa tells good stories.

  6. Shawn Pitre says:

    For the first few questons, I thought it was going to be about what’s found in a diaper…then electric and Sheep didn’t quite make sense.

  7. Oh for the love of Pete. Salsa, measure how far down a normal chair seat is from a normal table top. Measure that far down on your bar, then the difference between that and the floor is how high your barstool seat needs to be. MATH!

  8. Oh and as far as bedding, that romantic thing about satin sheets? It’s BS, we found some on clearance once and bought them for a lark. They didn’t “breath” so we always felt like we were sweating under them.