Episode 164!

Hey everyone, this week we talk about Jena’s new show, Matt’s move, and Salsa finds something to rant about. Also, chickpeas.

7 Responses to Episode 164!

  1. -4 degrees Fahrenheit?

    Fuck you guys, -40°C here in Saskatchewan this past week. For reference that’s the same in Fahrenheit.

  2. Matt,
    The rabbit you had was at Nick’s birthday Summer 2012. I remember because I wanted to ask to try some :-)

  3. The Spousal Unit and I have always said we were glad we hooked up with people willing to try weird food, but Ethiopian is just not one for us. We ordered a sampler platter so we had lots of things to try, but were found none of it interesting.

    As for “Gravity” we’ve lost a number of astronauts over the years, but most have been pretty quick deaths like explosions. I’ve always wondered what the public reaction might be the first time we have one that just floats off with no chance of recovery before their air runs out. There are rumors that they have suicide pills in case of such an accident, but my understanding is none of the astronauts have confirmed it.

  4. Shawn Pitre says:

    Almost a week without me posting….what Are This?

  5. I guess I was told to comment.

    Salsa’s grandmother-in-law was something he should be highly familiar with, not a librarian but an English teacher.

    Salsa the choir could use a tenor or two. The joke is always about preaching to the choir, but the truth is more like the choir isn’t paying too much attention. They are either laughing up their sleeves or have heard this sermon 3 times already.