Episode 166!

Hey folks, this week we have our holiday wrap-up and talk about Batman villains. Because Batman.

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  1. Ingebretson’s is on Lake and 16th, one block west of Bloomington Ave. When you’re there, you should also pick up one of the Danish wire cheese slicers, those are the best goddamn way to slice semisoft cheeses like the chunk cheese you get at the grocery store.

  2. The other actor with James Earl Jones doing the texts-readings is Malcolm McDowell, aka Alex from A Clockwork Orange. They are quite funny.

    My Batman villain would-be is either Hush or Prometheus.
    My Batman villain wouldn’t-be is Egghead.
    My villain would be Dr. Doom, for the reasons Matt gave. Close second is Lex Luthor.

    On another note, I have a new goal: to get Eric to say “riddle me this”.

  3. I should attempt to listen more often. I like your shenanigans.

    Jena, I soooooooo agree with your Whedon comments.
    He’s great, he’s funny, he does great stuff. Not everything he does is perfect, yet most of it is great fun.
    His fem characters are NOT as strong as people say they are. And, they are sometimes super annoying in that they can get close and then utterly fail at being as awesome as they could be… alas.

    Also, shirtless is totally my kind of sign. I’m just as clueless as Matt, apparently.

    Agreed – ‘Something died rancid farts’ need time for recovery. There’s only so much you can laugh your way through.

    • It’s a deal. You keep listening, we’ll keep shenanigan-ing.

      Point of order: the shirtless story was Salsa, not Matt.

      Thanks for listening!

  4. Shawn Pitre says:

    Downloading the show 3-4 days late…what are This, Pitre?