Die Laughing Live!

Bonus episode this week everybody! Here’s the recording of our first-ever LIVE podcast in front of an audience! We sat down on Saturday night with Kevin Murphy after his excellent set at Die Laughing. All of us were running on almost no sleep, (literally NONE in Jena’s case) fortunately, Kevin was a delight to chat with. Take a listen.1484702_10152368467014540_6537964902600986629_n

2 Responses to Die Laughing Live!

  1. Wish I would have been listening when Jena said she had not hallucinated yet. I would have sent $30 to buy her a shot of absinthe…

  2. Shawn Pitre says:

    52:35 to 53:45 – Broken Jena.

    No Jameson – What Are This??