Episode 182!


So this episode is a weird fun one. Jena starts the show drunk after getting day-drunk and killing and skinning Cookie Monster:













Salsa on the other hand is more impressed with Wisconsin’s cocktail-in-a-can service in gas stations:








Meanwhile, Matt just admits he can’t roll his R’s.

Also, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 Responses to Episode 182!

  1. No comment for Shawn Pitre yet? What are this?

    Nice Jena break!

    Pre:go fish,cribbage,shuffleboard,connect 4,trivial pursuit
    Post:go fish,cribbage (neither really),bingo,connect 4,monopoly

  2. @PedanticEric says:

    About Wisconsin beers: New Glarus is great, but there’s another you should try. Ale Asylum is a brew pub that’s been in Madison for many years, they make good stuff and their bottles have made it to Hudson. I especially like the Mad Town Nut Brown and the Contorter Porter.

  3. Shawn Pitre says:

    I could roll my R’s much better before I had my tonsils out.

  4. Shawn Pitre says:

    Getting your GPS System running is handy when you enter your PIN Number.

    • @PedanticEric says:

      So says the lead manager of the Department of Redundancy Department.

      • Shawn Pitre says:

        In the dictionary under redundant, it says … Nothing. You have to read it. Also, who uses dictionaries anymore, unless its got a .com after it…

  5. Shawn Pitre says:

    Running on treadmill, I was not.

  6. Shawn Pitre says:

    If they don’t speak your language, s-p-e-a-k s-l-o-w-l-y A-N-D L-O-U-D-L-Y

  7. Shawn Pitre says:

    We know about this stuff because we read stuff and learned things, and now kids these days are too busy looking at their sexting and …. owww. Viva la Hearing Aid ;)

  8. Shawn Pitre says:

    1:02:38 to 1:04:35 – Broken Jena. I laughed…then got concerned…..then started laughing again…. I am going to hope it was broken Jena, and not Jena in another state.

  9. Shawn Pitre says:

    You tell me that there’s no skill watching a 65 year old woman with 50 bingo sheets hitting all the O-69’s while sucking on a cigarette and sipping her shandy-in-a-coffee-cup.

  10. Shawn Pitre says:

    Hippy Easter…What Are This?

    We’re looking about 13 cups of now left.

  11. Shawn Pitre says:

    …oh, and 1.39 for the booze…we don’t even have Rubbing Alcohol that cheap. Grrrrr….

  12. Have you even actually finished a game of Monopoly? I don’t think we ever did, we used to play it occasionally as kids in our neighborhood.