Episode 186!

It’s AoN Classic this week! We’re recording a night late and Jena couldn’t make it, so we’re back to the original AoN cast for this week. We’re all over the place this episode, and we drank a drink that looks like a poop.

13 Responses to Episode 186!

  1. Shawn Pitre says:

    Drinking Poop…what Are this?

  2. Shawn Pitre says:

    Puckery Starfish is my Hooty and the Blowfish coverband.

  3. “Oh, my name is Salsa, and I have to wait so long because my last name starts with S”

    Go fuck yourself Salsa!

  4. Shawn Pitre says:

    39:48 – Jena would have broken for approximately 2 minutes.

  5. Shawn Pitre says:

    Something completely unrelated…

    I need to get this out somewhere.

    I have been working with someone for nearly a year, who had little desire to be here, would come in late, would sleep on the job, would talk to his callers like they were best case his best friends, and worse case his lessers. We were part of a small team, and very reliant of all the cogs working well together. His cog didn’t fit in. Most of the time, it was he and I, and I would be the one who would have to make sure things get done, and report to managers when things were not beindg

    Today, he was future endeavored.

    I am of Mixed emoptiosn on this.

    I am happy for my situation, because now my work stress is going to go down substantially.

    I am however concerned for all others impacted.

    The people who have to change their lives around to cover the shift, and him himself.

    I know that his actions ultimately were what got him released.

    I feel he’s going to blame me for the actions I’ve taken, however I feel I’ve done, to steal a line from WWE, whats “Best For Business”.

    Ok. That’s my bit.

    Thank you all.

    And Thank you for filling my ear-holes with fun awesome.

  6. Shawn Pitre says:

    Push, Flight, Hug, Cute,and Happy.

  7. Shawn Pitre says:

    Ok..for me…answers, no spoilers, dearie.
    1) Cant it be both. I need someone to talk to, but also need some space..
    2) got it right.
    3) got it right
    4) got it right
    5) got it right

  8. Young Eric says:

    It’s amusing hearing you guys talk about how the drinks look and work after seeing the recipes on the DVD. The instructions are basically food porn. As far as the Snakebite recipe, I couldn’t find it online. It’s shown about 6 seconds into the trailer.

  9. 4.5/5 on Fast5 this week (was kinda wrong on #3)
    Looking forward to Double Blind

  10. Terrible Pseudonym Andy says:

    As every first year university student knows, a snakebite is equal parts lager and cider, with a splash of blackcurrant cordial (Ribena) for colour. Guinness and cider? I’m horrified. If y’all make it to KoLCon, there’s going to be a reckoning. A terrible, purple reckoning.

  11. Charles says:

    High school commencement? I was in band so I sat through it three years in a row with around 700 kids in each class. When it was our turn we wanted to just sit and play with the rest of the band and quietly snicker with our friends. When I got my B.A. at the U of M I sure didn’t want to sit through that again.

    I pretty much hate award ceremonies of any kind. Especially things like the Academy Awards or Emmys. All too many non comic actors as presenters telling bad and poorly delivered jokes…