Episode 40 – uncut!

(By uncut I mean I fucked up the edit of the original upload and lost about 20 minutes of our interview with Adam “Hollywood” Dunn. This one has it in its entirety.)

Director/FX guru/editor Adam “Hollywood” Dunn joins us this week to tell us more about the movies. (Or “films” as I hear they are called in some circles.) Adam has done FX work on a number of movies this year including Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Green Lantern and Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides. He’s also a prolific music video director for artists like Toussaint Morrison, Lazlo Supreme and Toki Wright. For a sample see below:

Turns out he’s a huge nerd too, so we talk comics and pro wrestling as well. Sweet.

3 Responses to Episode 40 – uncut!

  1. I’m mostly geeky about standard things like Star Trek, Dr. Who (old stuff, new series is kind of meh), and board games.

    I’m a bit geeky about wine & hard liquor and have made my own for over a decade.

    I’m fairly geeky about tea, from the different types, locations, preparations, presentations, pots, etc.

    I’m really geeky about the history of mathematics and science. There are some amazing characters in those fields throughout history and the ways we got to our modern systems fascinate me. I’m particularly interested in radix (number bases) and the transition from alchemy to modern chemistry.

    I’m also a huge nerd about game balance. I find at least as much pleasure from deconstructing the way a game (video, board, card, physical) works and where its weak points are as actually playing the game. This is part of the reason why I enjoy designing new games & am a hobbyist game designer.

  2. The Door Problem: When you see that one door is open, and a line-up of people is all the way out of it, and the other door is closed, I think most people’s assumption is “They are keeping that door closed for a reason, whether I can think of what that reason is or not” and they don’t want to try opening it, find it locked and look stupid, and they don’t want to open it, and get in trouble because it was closed for a reason they weren’t aware of (noise, climate, whatever) and then once even a few people made that decision, they don’t open the door because nobody else did.

    A few weeks ago, the street my store is on was closed to through traffic. They were replacing an overpass at one end, so that end was completely closed. The opposite end was obviously, closed to anybody trying to get out the other side, but not closed to people who had business on that street. There was a police car at that end of the road, stopping people to notify them that the road was blocked at the far end. We had customers with appointments that day turning around and leaving without even speaking to the officer, for the sole reason of “We saw cars ahead of us being turned back, so we assumed we would also be turned back” and not only that, but when they phoned us to tell us they couldn’t get in, this encounter had morphed into “The police officer turned us back”

    Don’t underestimate how stupid people will be because they see everyone else being stupid, and assume it must not be stupid.

  3. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?