Episode 36 – Part 2 (Drunk)

So, here we have the second, drunker half of episode 36 featuring guest co-host Porter. We discuss the merits of the Google+, and the merits of social networking sites in general. As we mentioned in the show, if you don’t have an invite to Google+ and would like one, let us know. We then consume far too much delicious scotch. Finally, we also talk about CONvergence, which Matt attended for the first time as a guest performer for Vilification Tennis. Porter goes every year, and Matt asks him to explain just what the big deal is.

3 Responses to Episode 36 – Part 2 (Drunk)

  1. I think you should look at CONvergence a bit like your podcast, but lasting an entire weekend… You can go to panels and talk about books, comics, movies, games, science, skepticism… In addition you can watch a selection of movies, anime, live music, and get a chance to hear famous (or semi-famous) genre writers, actors and artists.

    I’m on Google+, but wondering if there’s something I can do to promote my business through it. I got on to Myspace and FB partially to do that, but most of my “fans” are friends as opposed to just customers. The thought of creating a MacGregor Games circle might e something, but until G+ builds I don’t know if is it worth the time.

  2. The laid back approach to con makes sense of course, but my problem has always been this: I already spend all of my time sitting around with amateur pundits of nerdery, debating and discussing geeky shit whenever we hang out. What is the appeal of spending a ton of money to do it somewhere other than my own home?

    I also primarily used Myspace and Facebook to promote shows and the podcast, so I’m also looking forward to seeing what Google+ does to compare. Lemme know if you figure it out before I do.

  3. Shawn Pitre says:

    What are This?