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  • Episode 222!

    This week the three of us discuss Matt’s trip to the rodeo and eat some bugs Suzi gave him, Salsa’s weekend at MONDO and curiosity about meat-filled deserts, and Jena’s disappointing trip to the Winter Carnival and book recommendation.

    As we mention on the show, check out the Feel Better Friends website, which Mud told us about.

    Feel Better Friends

    Feel Better Friends makes custom dolls for children with long-term illnesses that are in the child’s own likeness. They are looking for additional crafters all over the world to help them in their endeavors. Take a moment and take a look, it’s really cool.

    As we mention on the show, Matt has been making the rounds of other local podcasts lately.

    If you want to listen to Matt talk about relationships and stuff, check out his appearance on Poly in the Cities!

    If you want to listen to Matt talk about parenting and stuff, check out his appearance on Pratfalls of Parenting!



  • Salsa appears on the Awfulcopter podcast!

    Hey, everybody. Salsa took some time out of podcasting with Matt and Jena to appear on a podcast with some completely different people.

    Wait. Does that work? Appear is a visual term, and doesn’t really apply in an audible medium, does it? You can’t really “appear” unless it’s a video podcast, which this isn’t. Salsa… invades? the Awfulcopter podcast? Yeah. We’ll go with that.

    Hey, everybody. Salsa took some time out of podcasting with Matt and Jena to appear invade a podcast with some completely different people. They had so much fun, they split the episode into two parts, to double your enjoyment. Listen to them here and here.

  • Episode 199!

    This week we’re joined by the lovely and talented Bret TheAxe Pasek of Fandazzi Fire Circus and special bonus returning guest Emily Cook! Bret is going to be attempting to break the Guinness world record for most torches eaten in 60 seconds out at the MN Renaissance Festival this year! We talk about that and other festival nonsense this episode.

    Ain't he dreamy?
    Ain’t he dreamy?

  • No New Episode This Week

    Some of you may know about the house explosion that happened a few short blocks from where hosts Matt and Jena live. And that’s where our story begins.


    The other day, the news reported an explosion mere blocks from the AoN recording studios. They said the explosion was the result of a poorly installed water heater.

    It’s all a cover up.

    Our champions were all sitting around the studio, conversating over the most recent drink of the month about how supportive their listeners are, playing games and surfing the nets, when the trio heard a loud crash. They immediately left to investigate.

    A couple blocks away, they saw a spaceship crashed into a house, and alien invaders had opened fire. Having played multitudes of video games on the subject, the three instantly jumped into action with lazer guns they found on the ground. Taking down little green men left and right, they were all making strong progress on the advancing horde.

    Jena was doing the best because HALO, MOTHERFUCKERS!!! The aliens released a gas that directly affected everyone’s ability to drink, which, as we all know, is the source of the AoN team’s crime fighting powers.

    For a moment, things looked dim for our heroes.

    One of the little jerks lept onto Matt, who shouted “you call that a fucking mosh pit?” and whipped the guy into a neaby flame ninja style, instantly obliterating the guy. Salsa saw his chance, and started raining down fire upon the aliens. Jena joined him in fire blasts, and Matt lit a cigarette.

    The aliens saw that they were outmatched and left, and the AoN team relaxed with a well deserved Dr Fixit.

    In short, there will be no new episode of AoN this week. Our apologies for saving the world instead.

  • Episode 143!

    We’re back from CONvergence with a show full of nerdery. We also have the triumphant return of the lovely and talented Engineer Corwyn! We talk all about the Fearless Comedy party room, Vilification Tennis, Matt’s drunken assholery, our favorite moments and more. We mention the possibility of a couple of extra interviews that Salsa conducted over the weekend, but as of now, we’re having file conversion issues. We’ll see if we can’t get it sorted out by next week. Check out some of the photos after the fold.

    JENA EDIT: Here’s the link to Fang & Talon. I forgot to send it to Matt (see: drunk). For once, it’s not his fault.
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  • Episode 95!

    This week we are joined by the mighty Jen Scott! Jen Scott is a performer and improvisor extraordinaire in MPLS and taught Matt much of what he knows. Seriously, Matt would suck even more if not for Jen Scott.

    We have fun talking about Glory, a tiny bit of Fringe, and performing in general. This one was a blast, come on in, the water’s fine.

  • Our kickstarter is a go!

    So, we initially intended to post this to inform listeners that we had a kickstarter.


    Turns out, we have already hit our initial goal. Our stretch goal is to hit $1500. At that level of funding, we can pick up video equipment and start producing video content for you guys. Also, we’ll launch the new podcast Matt is working on with former engineer Justin Smurf.

    Please help us spread the word by passing the link to our kickstarter around and most importantly, thanks a million to everyone who has pledged so far.