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  • Episode 213!

    Hey folks, this week we talk about all kinds of nonsense, mostly thanks to our random topic generator. So listen to learn more about gloves, Glovers, mispronouncing names. books vs. ebooks, digital comics vs. regular comics, Matt’s dad’s advice, vomiting children, texting, messaging, tablets (seriously, Jena scored a cheap one.) and more.

  • Episode 48!

    So this week we cover Salsa’s annoyance at parking his bike, and Matt’s joy at being taken by a well-played grift. For an example of the grift we are talking about see the following video: Continue reading  Post ID 14

  • Episode 45!

    We’re back with our usual weekly update to talk your ears off about dating, girlfriends, heartbreak, infidelity, books and videogames. Yeah, not necessarily in that order.

  • Episode 13!

    This episode, Matt and Salsa talk about beer, insomnia and Matt sells all his CD’s. Welcome to the future.

    In other important news, here are the rules for our version of Uno as a drinking game:

    We find that the best way to set up the game is to get a boot, the German glass drinking kind, and use that for the drink assigned by the game. Each player should also have a beer of their choosing for sipping while playing, in case Das Boot does not come their way often enough. As for what beer to put in Das Boot, we recommend a mid-range beer, a Nordeast or Killians or Sam Adams, that way even your punishment drinks are enjoyable.

    The drinking rules:

    – If you are skipped, take a drink.
    – If a player plays a reverse card, the player who was next in line to play but is no longer must take a drink.
    – If you are on the receiving end of a Draw 2, take 2 cards and 1 drink.
    – If you are on the receiving end of a Wild Draw 4 take 4 cards and 2 drinks.
    – The effects of a Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 can be avoided by playing the same card on top of it. (i.e. If Matt plays a Draw 2 on Salsa, and Salsa then plays another Draw 2, that’s 4 cards and 2 drinks to Gretta, who is up next.) There is no limit on how far around the table or how many times around you can pass the cards/drinks. Whenever it does end, the recipient must take the total number of cards and drinks, if it made it’s way all the way around the table, the entire table takes a community drink.
    – As usual, once you are down to one card you must yell, “Uno!” If you forget and are challenged, you must take a drink. If you are falsely accused of forgetting to say Uno, the challenger must take a drink. (and then explode)
    – Whomever runs out of cards first is the winner, and the remaining players must take a community drink.
    – Finally, the person with the most cards in their hand (the biggest Library) at the end of the game is to be called Alexandria during the next game.

    Here’s the Team Unicorn video: