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  • More MC Frontalot for your eyeholes!

    So here is MC Frontalot performing the song “Spoiler Alert” with his band in a van for some video series I hadn’t heard of before. It’s fucking awesome. (Listeners should take special note of The Incomparable Brandon “Muhfuckin” Patton rocking the guitar as he also provides our theme music.) Vic 20 and the Sturgenius also bang it out proper.

  • Episode 11 part 2!

    It’s the second half of our interview with Brandon Patton! Woo! Anyway, in this part, we talk about music in general and Brandon’s music in particular. We also mention Brandon’s rap debut in the literal video for MC Frontalot’s “Spoiler Alert” here’s the original and the literal version.

  • Episode 11 part 1

      This episode we are joined by special guest BRANDON PATTON! 
                                                 (Pictured above – Brandon Muhfuckin’ Patton)

    Goddamn we are excited to give you this one. In part 1, Matt, Salsa and Brandon talk Wikipedia, masturbation, long distance relationships and RenFest.

                                (Pictured above – shit-covered awesome sauce – photo credit Lonn Simmons)

  • Episode 6!

    Episode 6 – SNOWPOCALYPSE! We talk weather, Disney and some shit.
    Thanks for sticking with us during our brief absence, we missed you too. This episode we catch up on the last 3 weeks, Matt talks about Disney in an uncomfortably sincere way and we both geek out over Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Favre out!