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  • Episode 214!

    The lovely and talented Levi Weinhagen joins us this week for a delightful discussion of nachos, parenting, and grief as related to computer loss.

    Thats fun Levi

    Levi also tells us about his podcast Pratfalls of Parenting (turns out he hasn’t got all the answers yet). and his new show That’s Fun! which features co-host Jen Scott and takes place monthly at Honey!

  • In Response to Toshgate

    There has been a lot of buzz on the internet recently about the incident between comedian Daniel Tosh and a female audience member who was offended by one of his jokes. While I am not an avid user of social networking websites, I do try to keep abreast of the goings-on around me, so I was aware of the uproar. My initial reaction to this was to let it quietly fade into the mists of time, never to be remembered 6 weeks from now.

    However, a Facebook post from a friend of mine has prompted this post. He pointed out that I, co-host to a comedy podcast and self-proclaimed comedy theory nerd, and my two cohorts might find it to be an interesting topic of conversation on a future episode.

    For better or for worse, I feel that I should break my silence to weigh in on this topic.

    It might not be the answer anyone was looking for, though.

    My stance on this particular topic is as follows: This is a non-issue, and I legitimately can’t understand why we are talking about it in the first place.

    Now, I urge those people who are already three paragraphs into an angry reply filled with typos and ALL CAPS to hear me out before hitting the reply button. If you still disagree with me at the end of this essay, that is your right. That’s part of my point.

    The points and counterpoints that are flying throughout cyberspace have a common theme in my eyes: Who was in the wrong? Conversely, if someone was wrong, who was in the right? Was Daniel justified in his comedy, and she needs to deal with it, or is he a bad man who offended a woman who had every right to be offended.

    I’ll give you a hint. They are both right. Daniel made a joke. That’s his right. She was offended. That’s her right. Both of their feelings in this matter are legitimate. She’s allowed to be offended, and he’s allowed to feel that he didn’t cross a line. They don’t have to agree. That doesn’t mean that one or the other is wrong. In their own viewpoint, they are right. That is what I meant two paragraphs ago when I said it is your right to disagree with me. We can agree to disagree.

    Why was this even brought up in the first place? A comedian said something spur-of-the-moment (which I will get to in a minute) and someone was offended? I have a secret for you: Most comedians offend people. Especially comedians who do edgy comedy. In my decade-long career as an (and I kinda hate the term, but I’ll run with it) “edgy” comedian, I have offended people. I have offended strangers. I have offended my wife. I have offended my parents. It’s not because I’m a bad person, or a bad comedian, it’s that an audience isn’t an amorphous blob of “audience”, an audience is comprised of multiple persons who each have their own unique opinions and senses of humor. I have seen a priest in a church insert humor into his sermon in an attempt to liven up Mass, and later heard little old ladies complain that he “shouldn’t make fun of Jesus”. Is the priest a bad man? No.

    Someone being offended at a comedy show happens. It is a fact of life. The only difference in this situation is that instead of going home, complaining about the douchebag comedian to her roommate, and moving on, somehow the media got involved. I am willing to put money down that if news outlets hadn’t gotten a hold of that story, the offended party would have already moved on with her life. And so should we.

    Addressing my earlier comment, this joke wasn’t even a part of his set. It was an ad lib in response to a heckler. I feel that this is an important point that has been glossed over. Have you ever come up with the perfect response to a situation five minutes after the person has already left? Why? Because sometimes you don’t think of the right thing to say at that moment. Daniel Tosh said something in response to a heckler (or who he perceived to be a heckler, but I don’t want to get into that). Who’s to say that, five minutes after he got off the stage, he didn’t say to himself “Oh, I should have said THIS, because that thing I said wasn’t funny”? No one.

    To close, I restate my thesis: This is a non-issue. It is an unnecessarily combative reaction to a common occurrence which was sparked by an offhanded comment.

    Now, anyone who still thinks that I am siding with either Tosh or the audience member has obviously not read a word I wrote. I’m siding with no one. There are NO SIDES.

    Can’t we just go back to talking about things that actually ARE important?

  • Episode 82!

    This week we are joined by guest Joseph Scrimshaw! Joseph is Minneapolis theater royalty and an all around amazing guy. We talk to him about his history in MPLS performance, the need to create your own credibility, and what it’s like to work with Wil Wheaton. What’s that you say? You haven’t heard about that? Well, see for yourselves:

    Seriously, it was an absolute blast to get a chance to pick Joseph’s brain and all of your should take every opportunity to check out his work whenever possible. In fact, check out his Kickstarter which we mentioned in the episode and throw the man a few bucks if you are so inclined. You can find it here.

    This week we also talk a bit about the wedding Salsa went to, Matt getting hugs from a homeless guy, and Jena is high as shit on prescription meds. Also Jello shots. Woof.

  • Episode 81!

    Sorry about the delay this week, but Matt was given a last minute free ticket to BO BURNHAM on Wednesday. Those of you who know who Bo is realize why we had to postpone, those who don’t should watch the following videos: Continue reading  Post ID 1367

  • Episode 71!

    Matt’s back! Yeah, no one cares, we’re not surprised. Woof, I’m nursing a hangover and a beer as I write this so lets just get right to it shall we? Continue reading  Post ID 1238

  • Episode 69!

    We have another special guest this week, the lovely and talented Chris Jones. Chris is a comic book artist and sometime performer from the Minneapolis area whose work you can currently find in DC’s Young Justice series. Continue reading  Post ID 1186

  • Episode 64!

    Real quick, check out this page to learn more about SOPA and to get involved. We want an uncensored internet and hope you do too.

    So we continue our journey through Dr. Pepper infused insobriety this week while discussing the merits and variations of oral sex. Uh . . . yeah, I was surprised we got there so quickly too.

    Anyway, we then discuss the “performance impulse” and the oft related social anxiety/awkwardness that goes along with it. We still aren’t sure what makes us get up in front of strangers and try to be funny or what makes Matt unable to order a pizza without flop sweating, but we’d sure love to hear your experiences and ideas.

    We also talk about users, debt, cat vomit and hiding beer cans at your friend’s place. Take a listen.

  • Episode 63!

    This episode we welcome back Dan Schlissel of Stand Up! Records. Dan is one of our favorite past guests and this time we don’t badger him with questions, hilarity ensues. Continue reading  Post ID 1102

  • Episode 60!

    Hey guys, we’re back! We spend some time talking about movies and Xmas and more, check it! Continue reading  Post ID 1023

  • Episode 53!

    This week we are joined by comedian, Vilifier, and wife of Matt’s nanny Jena Young. You can follow Jena’s exploits and adventures here. We we didn’t have much of a plan for this episode, which apparently means we talk about sex and drinking a lot. Speaking of drinking, we were sent the rules for an AoN podcast drinking game. We will share them with you now. Continue reading  Post ID 5