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  • Episode 122!

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are joined this week by Doug Kallberg who writes the webcomic Pandora’s Box and is the illustrator for the Kingdom of Loathing comic book as well. Doug was a blast to talk to and boy do we talk about comic books. Damn we loves us some comics books. Don’t forget the show Jena helped work on, Zastrozzi, goes up this weekend and hey, here’s the Calvin and Hobbes inspired ice sculpture Salsa was talking about:

  • Episode 69!

    We have another special guest this week, the lovely and talented Chris Jones. Chris is a comic book artist and sometime performer from the Minneapolis area whose work you can currently find in DC’s Young Justice series. Continue reading  Post ID 1186

  • Episode 40 – uncut!

    (By uncut I mean I fucked up the edit of the original upload and lost about 20 minutes of our interview with Adam “Hollywood” Dunn. This one has it in its entirety.)

    Director/FX guru/editor Adam “Hollywood” Dunn joins us this week to tell us more about the movies. (Or “films” as I hear they are called in some circles.) Adam has done FX work on a number of movies this year including Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Green Lantern and Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides. He’s also a prolific music video director for artists like Toussaint Morrison, Lazlo Supreme and Toki Wright. For a sample see below:

    Turns out he’s a huge nerd too, so we talk comics and pro wrestling as well. Sweet.

  • Episode 31!

    So we continue our Bloody Mary month with the delicious addition of horseradish vodka. All good things. The studio is now air conditioned, which is a roundabout way of saying Matt’s cheap ass finally bought an air conditioner for his house. Finally. Seriously, it’s been hot as balls here lately, which just further confirms that MN has the stupidest weather ever, since this is the state that brought you Snowpocalypse only a few months ago.

    Matt kicked a fat lady out of his place of employment this week, and also found a new low of epic fail. Salsa, on hte other hand, went to a wedding and got to take a field sobriety test afterwards.

    We also talk about root beer and Ray Bradbury, so here’s a video I promised I’d post:

    Lastly, we ask the question, “Which so far unproduced comic book movie do you want to see?” Let us know your answers in the comments or by email.

  • Episode 29!

    It’s the final installment of Margarita month! For those of you drinking along at home, next month we will be drinking Bloody Mary’s – FOR SCIENCE!

    Anyway, after figuring out our next drink, we talk weddings and wedding music, comic books and comic cons. Even a little about cosplay – shudder.

    We discuss what modern knowledge we would try to impart if hurled into the past, and we finally answer Charle’s question about movies.

    Join us, won’t you?