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  • Episode 112!

    Matt’s back this week with tales of punk rock shows and additional head injuries. Seriously, this is becoming a habit:

    This is the best thing your wife can be woken up to at 1AM.

    Meanwhile Jena hasn’t left the house in a week due to working hard on the new Young Notions Online Store, and Salsa talks about donuts in a non-food related way. We all try to wrap out brains around the idea of “buying local” for the holidays and our topic roulette turns into a discussion of cheerleading. Oddly enough both Jena and Matt were cheerleaders. Here’s the picture of Matt we were talking about:

    Yep, that's Matt as a purple-haired girl's hockey cheerleader.

  • Episode 19!

    So, Salsa and Matt recorded this episode after finishing an
    exceptionally large dinner, so if they sound fatter than usual, that’s


    We bottled some beer, ate some steak and talked about Pi. Er . . . pie. Whatever, the point is, Salsa’s fat.

    We also cover St. Patrick’s Day (lame), Pi Day (awesome) and discuss
    whether or not we think it’s cooler to have a paper shredder or garbage
    disposal built into your counter. Yeah, shit gets real.

    Lastly, Matt hates on Harry Potter and Justin Smurf remembers the biscuits.

    Also, also, here’s the BMX dance video Matt was talking about from the movie Rad: