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  • [Article 2334]Episode 143!

    We’re back from CONvergence with a show full of nerdery. We also have the triumphant return of the lovely and talented Engineer Corwyn! We talk all about the Fearless Comedy party room, Vilification Tennis, Matt’s drunken assholery, our favorite moments and more. We mention the possibility of a couple of extra interviews that Salsa conducted over the weekend, but as of now, we’re having file conversion issues. We’ll see if we can’t get it sorted out by next week. Check out some of the photos after the fold.

    JENA EDIT: Here’s the link to Fang & Talon. I forgot to send it to Matt (see: drunk). For once, it’s not his fault.
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  • [Article 2257]Episode 138!

    We are joined by the lovely and talented Tim Wick this week. You may know Tim from Vilification Tennis. Or The Dregs. Or Big Fun Radio Funtime. Or Geeks Without God. Or Fearless Comedy Productions. Or the soon to be released A Reel Education. Hell, by the time I finish typing this there will prolly be some other project he’s involved in.

    Anyway, we had a blast recording this one and we give you guys a bunch of details about the forthcoming Fearless Comedy room party at CONvergence. If you are attending the convention, make sure you stop by and say hello.

    Lastly, we talk about former guest Joseph Scrimshaw’s new kickstarter, which you can find here.

  • [Article 1585]Episode 91!

    This week we are joined by AoN listener Cetius, who backed our kickstarter campaign and got himself a guest spot. I gotta admit, he holds his own pretty damn well. Jena had a Fringe Festival show rehearsal this week so we pulled in our oft-time guest host Porter to fill in for her. We also used Porter’s podcasting rig which is much better than ours. It’s actually very much like what we will be getting.

    Anyway, we talk about CONvergence and Batman and boardgames and eating outdoors at restaurants and hell I can’t remember it all, it’s a scotch month.

    That said, a couple plugs:

    Cetius has been working the “Can’t Stop the Serenity” charity event and would like to invite anyone in the area to attend. It’s at the Riverview theatre August 9th-11th. Each night features a screening of Serenity as well as some other cool nerdy thing.

    You can also find him performing with the Twin Cities shadow cast of Rocky Horror, you can find their Facebook page with info here.

    Lastly, Jena and the lovely and talented Bill Young will be performing with a burlesque show this Saturday at Ground Zero in Minneapolis. I’m told they will be dressed as zombies. Dig it.

  • [Article 1562]Episode 90!

    It’s all CONvergence all the time this week at AON! Seriously, what a weekend. This is a hell of a show talking about a hell of a time. Hope you like large doses of nerdery!

    Also, as we mention, the first episode of Geeks Without God is now available, featuring friends and Vilifiers Tim, Nick and Molly. We were there for the live recording and had a blast.

  • [Article 1186]Episode 69!

    We have another special guest this week, the lovely and talented Chris Jones. Chris is a comic book artist and sometime performer from the Minneapolis area whose work you can currently find in DC’s Young Justice series. Continue reading  Post ID 1186

  • [Article 41]Episode 39!

    This week we are joined by special guest Dan Schlissel, founder of Stand Up! Records. Matt met him briefly at CONvergence, and we wanted a chance to talk comedy and record labels and all that good stuff. We also spend some time talking about weird recording formats and discuss a listener email that we all loved. Be sure to check out Dan’s wares at Stand Up! Records, and get yourself an album or two.

  • [Article 62]Episode 36 – Part 2 (Drunk)

    So, here we have the second, drunker half of episode 36 featuring guest co-host Porter. We discuss the merits of the Google+, and the merits of social networking sites in general. As we mentioned in the show, if you don’t have an invite to Google+ and would like one, let us know. We then consume far too much delicious scotch. Finally, we also talk about CONvergence, which Matt attended for the first time as a guest performer for Vilification Tennis. Porter goes every year, and Matt asks him to explain just what the big deal is.