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  • Episode 109!

    We’re all about continuing education this week. Matt talks about his improv class at HUGE Theater, Jena spent the weekend learning more about stage combat at Carnage in the Corn, and Salsa learned about the delicious beers of Duluth including the awesomely-named Castle Danger.

  • Episode 101!

    So this week, we’re all a little out of sorts for different reasons. That being said, Matt and Jena start the show without Salsa because Salsa is all moving and shit. Then Matt talks endlessly about his KoL Con experience, which causes much jealously in his cohosts.

    So our buddy Skully got to rock his own verse of Nerdcore Rising at KoL Con 9, here’s the proof:

    The game Matt, Skully, Adam and Front invented on the way to karaoke works thusly:

    1. Stand near crowd of nerds or wait for a group of nerds to be seated at an adjacent table.

    2. Choose a much beloved property of nerd culture and have a slightly too-loud conversation about how some aspect of it sucks.

    3. Enjoy the pained expressions or even righteous defenses of said nerd property. Bonus points for making a nerd’s nose bleed.

    Lastly, don;t forget to check out Jena’s Halo charity project here.

  • Episode 80!

    For the first time in a while we have an episode with just the core AoN crew. In celebration of this we nearly doubled the episode and Matt at least seems to have doubled his drinks. Seriously, Blue Curacao is of the devil. Anyway, we catch up on what we’ve all been doing, the curative properties of booze, and waiting in line at the store.  Jena describes her impotent homemaker rage and Matt tries to figure out how to best express his mid-western passive-agressiveness. We cover the upcoming VilTen amateur show and Salsa’s theory that everyone needs a release of some sort.  Did I mention that we’re bringing back the high-five in a big way?

  • Episode 75!

    This week we are joined by the lovely and talented Carr Hagerman. Carr has years of performance experience and dozens of amazing stories from the road. We don’t talk to him about any of that. Continue reading  Post ID 1288

  • Episode 55!

    Hey folks welcome to the first episode under the new website. I point this fact out because there may be a delay in getting this episode to show up on iTunes as we update our RSS feed. So, do with that information what you will. Unless of course you don’t visit the website, in which case you aren’t reading this anyway. Continue reading  Post ID 567

  • Episode 21!

    This episode Matt & Salsa spend an inordinate time talking about drinks, martini’s especially. This may be due to this show being recorded in the wake of Gretta’s birthday. Also, Matt bought a hookah, and waxes philosophical about smoking in general, smoking as a lifestyle, and finally any hobby as a lifestyle. Yes, nerdery abounds. Don’t forget to leave us comments/send us emails about your favorite mixed drinks as well as any anecdotes related to them, as we plan to start our Cocktail of the Month idea with next weeks show. Lastly, enjoy the full length Brandon Patton song included in this episode as a reminder of how awesome he is. Follow our link to his site on our link page and give him all your money.