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  • Episode 71!

    Matt’s back! Yeah, no one cares, we’re not surprised. Woof, I’m nursing a hangover and a beer as I write this so lets just get right to it shall we? Continue reading  Post ID 1238

  • New Drink of the Month Page!

    Have you ever said to yourself, “Self, I sure do enjoy drinking the same drink that those guys are, but they never tell me what the drink IS until 10 minutes into the show, and then I have to hit pause to make the drink.”  Well, now you never have to think that again!

    You asked for it, and we delivered!  We now have a link at the top of our Homepage to our new “Drink of the Month” page.  It has the drink names and recipes in an easy to understand format. 

    Let us know what you think, and Enjoy!

  • Episode 21!

    This episode Matt & Salsa spend an inordinate time talking about drinks, martini’s especially. This may be due to this show being recorded in the wake of Gretta’s birthday. Also, Matt bought a hookah, and waxes philosophical about smoking in general, smoking as a lifestyle, and finally any hobby as a lifestyle. Yes, nerdery abounds. Don’t forget to leave us comments/send us emails about your favorite mixed drinks as well as any anecdotes related to them, as we plan to start our Cocktail of the Month idea with next weeks show. Lastly, enjoy the full length Brandon Patton song included in this episode as a reminder of how awesome he is. Follow our link to his site on our link page and give him all your money.