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  • Episode 85

    It’s just the core AoN team this week after another flurry of exciting guests. Thanks a million to everyone who has backed our Kickstarter project. If you haven’t yet and have the means and the inclination, you can click the link on the upper right of the main page. Again, thank you so much everybody.

    As seems to happen when it’s just us left to our own devices, things go all over the place. For some reason, we talk about: the Olympics, our VilTen prom show, stereotypes, sandals with socks (Seriously, Bill?), flip flops, Salsa’s brother coming to visit, the impromptu party at Matt’s house, Salsa finding out that women complain to each other about their respective husbands, the first albums we got, the more embarrassing albums we’ve bought, that old Columbia House/BMG scam, the brutality of technology in the 80’s and Salsa’s mother’s attempts to overcome it.

    Yeah, I don’t know either. Enjoy!

  • Episode 47!

    This week we receive another lesson in Matt’s lack of impulse control. For evidence we present you with this:
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  • Family Hot Dog now available!

    Hey everyone, the long anticipated collaborative podcast between Matt and Gretta and Mr. and Mrs. Skullhead has arrived on the prestigious internets! Our new show deals with being a nerd at 30ish while being married and having children. Somehow, we have all found ourselves in this predicament and now we’re just trying to figure out what to do next. Find us online at our super high tech website, or check us out on iTunes. We welcome feedback, questions, and advice at thefamilyhotdog@gmail.com, check it out and let us know what you think.

  • Episode 5! Part 2

    It’s part two of our super-epic-mega-Thanksgiving two-parter! Um . . . yeah, anyway in the second half we talk family, what we have and what we make of it. A bit about farming, and of course, we talk about Thanksgiving and what we do to celebrate it. Matt gets a little tipsy by the end of this one, which pretty much means he talks kinda slow and over enunciates. Sorry, we were having too much fun. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!