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  • Episode 94 – Part 1!

    Once again we prove we can’t shut up and I have a two-parter for you. This week we’re joined by Pedantic Eric, the inspiration of the “knighted” game we’ve all been having so much fun with.

    Did I mention that this week the drink was lit on fire? Yeah, that might have had something to do with the not shutting up.

    Anyway, enjoy the first part!

  • Episode 91!

    This week we are joined by AoN listener Cetius, who backed our kickstarter campaign and got himself a guest spot. I gotta admit, he holds his own pretty damn well. Jena had a Fringe Festival show rehearsal this week so we pulled in our oft-time guest host Porter to fill in for her. We also used Porter’s podcasting rig which is much better than ours. It’s actually very much like what we will be getting.

    Anyway, we talk about CONvergence and Batman and boardgames and eating outdoors at restaurants and hell I can’t remember it all, it’s a scotch month.

    That said, a couple plugs:

    Cetius has been working the “Can’t Stop the Serenity” charity event and would like to invite anyone in the area to attend. It’s at the Riverview theatre August 9th-11th. Each night features a screening of Serenity as well as some other cool nerdy thing.

    You can also find him performing with the Twin Cities shadow cast of Rocky Horror, you can find their Facebook page with info here.

    Lastly, Jena and the lovely and talented Bill Young will be performing with a burlesque show this Saturday at Ground Zero in Minneapolis. I’m told they will be dressed as zombies. Dig it.

  • Episode 67!

    So, we’re finally up and available! Well, if you are looking at this long after the release date, it doesn’t really¬†matter. Look, the point is, this week Jena defends the sanctity of the Oxford comma. Confused? So was Matt. Continue reading  Post ID 1160

  • Episode 23!

    Wow, we really didn’t know what the hell we were gonna talk about this week, turns out, if we have nothing planned we go geeky. We talk about what superpowers we would want if we got to pick three. Matt has given this question a lot of thought. Salsa manages to change Matt’s mind with no forethought at all. This does not bode well for Matt.

    Also, we talk brain games, you know, the type you play to keep from killing yourself at work while you’re bored. It’s less depressing than it sounds, I swear.