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  • [Article 2828]Episode 183!

    This week the lovely and talented Kyle Dekker joins us. Kyle won the silent auction guest spot on our show at Die Laughing, and has allowed us to keep our faith in offering guest spots to strangers by being really cool and funny. Whew! Thanks Kyle!

    That said, Kyle is more than just a Fearless Comedy fan with deep pockets, he’s a busy guy. Kyle writes, produces, and acts in various capacities in web projects and indie films. For instance, you can check out Fang and Talon:

    The next project Kyle has coming up is currently on kickstarter, check out Super Academy and if you are so inclined, throw a little coin their way:

  • [Article 2802]Episode 181!

    Hey everyone! This week we do a post-mortem on last weekend’s Die Laughing event. Then we double down with podcasting awesomeness by talking with our guest Evan Pederson of the Fancy Pants Gangsters network! Evan has been at this whole podcasting game longer than we have and we get to pick his brain. Not to mention we get to talk about one of our favorite subjects: food. One of the shows Evan does is called The Well Fed Guide to Life, so we talk about the best restaurants to visit in the cities, especially on a budget. Don’t forget to weigh in with your suggestions too!

  • [Article 2794]Die Laughing Live!

    Bonus episode this week everybody! Here’s the recording of our first-ever LIVE podcast in front of an audience! We sat down on Saturday night with Kevin Murphy after his excellent set at Die Laughing. All of us were running on almost no sleep, (literally NONE in Jena’s case) fortunately, Kevin was a delight to chat with. Take a listen.1484702_10152368467014540_6537964902600986629_n

  • [Article 2780]Episode 180!

    Hey kids! This week we have Amanda Luke, Marketing Director of Fearless Comedy Productions, on the show with us to share boxed wine, cupcakes and laughs. Do we talk about Die Laughing? Fuck yes we do! Tune in to learn all about the show and what’s in store during our first ever LIVE podcast recording!

    In all sincerity, please come see the show if you are local, and tune in to the live stream if you are one of our out-of-town friends. It means the world to us.

    Who needs sleep anyway?
    Who needs sleep anyway?

  • [Article 2769]Episode 179!

    This week we are joined by Laszlo Nemesi, the “Jena” of the Burn & Brew podcast. Although, to be fair, that’s far from all he does. Laszlo is one of the hosts of the Feast of Fantasy at the MN Renaissance Festival, a puppeteer, emcee for Prime Time Wrestling, and more. We talked for over two hours to Laz and feel like we barely scratched the surface of all the great stories he has to tell. Special bonus: Listen to this episode to learn about a special offer Lazslo is extending to AoN listeners that wish to attend a Prime Time Wrestling event!

  • [Article 2762]Episode 178!

    We have our friend Phillip Andrew Bennett Low back this week because he’s awesome and so are we. Seriously had a lot of fun this episode.

  • [Article 2751]Episode 177!

    Hey folks we’re back at you a little late this week, but we’re sure you’ll love this episode. This week we chat with Haley Anderson of Curious North, a blog/podcast that explores all the best things living in this frozen state of ours has to offer. Turns out she’s pretty delightful herself.

    Oh yeah, Matt is sick this episode, so everyone else actually gets to talk.

  • [Article 2699]Episode 173!

    This week we are joined by the Buddha, Benjamin Domask.  Ben has done a little bit of everything in the variety arts from juggling to magic to mime to clowning to . . . well, listen and let him tell it. Or let his creepy hand puppet tell you, up to you.










    Jena mentions the Funporium Kickstarter, give it a look if you would, throw them some coin if you can.

    Lastly, but not leastly, don’t forget about MONDO!


  • [Article 2692]Episode 172!

    This week we are joined by Skot Rieffer and Mike Lubke from Six Elements Theatre Company! You know, the knifey-stabby folks Jena hangs out with. Also, really cool and funny guys. Check this video from Jena’s fundraiser out to see what we’re talking about:

    Hey, did we mention they have a Kickstarter?

    Did we also mention that they’re holding auditions? Try your hand at knifey-stabby!

    Lastly, remember how Matt said his dad’s x-rays look like someone dumped a toolbox out on his leg? Yuuuuuup! Check it out:

    Side view
    Side view












    Front view
    Front view











    Enjoy the show and don’t forget to add air quotes to your comments on this episode.



  • [Article 2605]Episode 163!

    Woohoo! This week we are joined by the lovely and talented Captain America!

    (David to his friends)
    (David to his friends)












    This week, Matt tells us about how his dad nearly broke his foot off. Seriously it’s nasty. Since the recording of this episode he’s had an operation to repair his fibula and amputation is off the table. Speaking of amputation . . .

    Lastly, for some reason, the audio file for the outro was blank this week. So no Spam Comment of the Week or Fast Five, sorry guys.