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  • Episode 106!

    Happy Halloween everybody! Jena, Matt and Gretta took the kids trick or treating last night. Austin looked the scariest when passed out on Gretta’s shoulder:

    Sweet, huh?

    Anyway, we spend some time telling you guys about the new theater production company we are involved in creating, Fearless Comedy Productions. You may have noticed the new banner on the website, the Fearless website goes live this weekend. More to come on that soon.

  • Episode 53!

    This week we are joined by comedian, Vilifier, and wife of Matt’s nanny Jena Young. You can follow Jena’s exploits and adventures here. We we didn’t have much of a plan for this episode, which apparently means we talk about sex and drinking a lot. Speaking of drinking, we were sent the rules for an AoN podcast drinking game. We will share them with you now. Continue reading  Post ID 5