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  • Episode 112!

    Matt’s back this week with tales of punk rock shows and additional head injuries. Seriously, this is becoming a habit:

    This is the best thing your wife can be woken up to at 1AM.

    Meanwhile Jena hasn’t left the house in a week due to working hard on the new Young Notions Online Store, and Salsa talks about donuts in a non-food related way. We all try to wrap out brains around the idea of “buying local” for the holidays and our topic roulette turns into a discussion of cheerleading. Oddly enough both Jena and Matt were cheerleaders. Here’s the picture of Matt we were talking about:

    Yep, that's Matt as a purple-haired girl's hockey cheerleader.

  • Episode 75!

    This week we are joined by the lovely and talented Carr Hagerman. Carr has years of performance experience and dozens of amazing stories from the road. We don’t talk to him about any of that. Continue reading  Post ID 1288

  • Episode 57!

    Hot damn, we talk about pizza a lot this time. Continue reading  Post ID 920

  • Episode 41!

    Old school AoN tonight! That’s right, just Matt and Salsa and damn if we don’t find plenty to talk about. We spend more time talking about candy than I would have thought possible, but here’s proof:

    Yep, that’s right, Cthulhu bunny peeps. Choke on it. That’s what the Deep Ones would have wanted.

    We also talk about the best way to throw a dinner party as well as why you might want to throw one. Good stuff yo.

    Don’t forget. MC Frontalot this Friday at Club Underground. Free AoN stickers for all who ask.

  • Episode 35!

    This week we talk about what we did for the 4th of July and our opinions on fireworks in general. This leads to a small discussion of camping, which Salsa did a bit of and both of us will soon be doing more of. Of course, then we had to talk about traveling and where we would most like to go and where we have been. Finally, we talk about the philosophy of traveling and why some people do it and others don’t.

    Also, we mentioned this awesome scotch pronunciation guide featuring Brian Cox, check it out. (Matt’s been to the Ben Nevis distillery – win!)