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  • Episode 121!

    Holy crap was this a fun one. There are few, if any, guests that are as much fun as Megan and Jeff from the Ridiculous Puppet Company. Hell, they bring lab coats.

    We run the gamut this week as Matt tries to find ways to relieve stress, Salsa and Jena learn how much fun cheering for a high school dance squad can be, and Jeff and Megan tell us about making the Institute for Ridiculous Science into the company the Ridiculous Puppet Company.

    Did I mention that Salsa gets a tarot reading from Miss Fortune? Oh, you don’t know her? Of course you do, it’s this lovely lady right here:

    Damn I love these guys. I know we promised a bunch more links in the notes, so here’s a link to kick-ass lawyer Alex Bajwa and Blasphemina’s Closet.

  • Episode 89 part 1!

    IT’S THE INSTITUTE FOR RIDICULOUS SCIENCE! Seriously, how can you not have a blast with people from an organization like that? This week we are joined by Dr. Megan and Dr. Jeff as well as a revolving cast of puppets. Did I mention we all had to wear lab coats or “science suits” (think haz-mat suit) to record with them? Shit gets very, very real. This is only part one of the interview, I know I promised a couple videos during the recording, and I’ll be adding them soon. Turns out, making them is sometimes harder than I expect.

    Finally, here is the video of, ” A Man and His Thoughts”: