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  • Episode 84!

    Buckle up for the MC Frontalot! If you are as nerdy as we are (and we assume you are, after all you’re listening to this podcast) MC Frontalot is probably one of your favorite musicians. If, somehow, you haven’t heard the man rhyme, check these out:

    You can find all kinds of MC Frontalot related info and merch over at his website and you can also check out the documentary film that chronicles his first U.S. tour “Nerdcore Rising” on Netflix streaming or DVD as well.

    This was so cool.

  • Episode 46!

    This week we are joined by Tim Wick and Pedantic Eric from Vilification Tennis. Salsa and Matt both perform in the show, Tim runs it and Pedantic Eric has been doing it forever. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, here are a couple clips. Continue reading  Post ID 17

  • Super-Mega-Bonus Episode 44!


    (That’s our new super fancy incoming news alert. Love it, LOVE IT!)

    Anyway, we’re posting an extra episode this week because we got an opportunity to interview Corey, Tyler, Seth and camera man extraordinaire Kevin from the film/charity/awesome project Love, The Bus. For those who don’t know, these fellows have taken their film degrees and decided that rather than serve french fries they would rather travel across the country, doing good and having a good time. Here’s their mission statement video: Continue reading  Post ID 19

  • Episode 40 – uncut!

    (By uncut I mean I fucked up the edit of the original upload and lost about 20 minutes of our interview with Adam “Hollywood” Dunn. This one has it in its entirety.)

    Director/FX guru/editor Adam “Hollywood” Dunn joins us this week to tell us more about the movies. (Or “films” as I hear they are called in some circles.) Adam has done FX work on a number of movies this year including Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Green Lantern and Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides. He’s also a prolific music video director for artists like Toussaint Morrison, Lazlo Supreme and Toki Wright. For a sample see below:

    Turns out he’s a huge nerd too, so we talk comics and pro wrestling as well. Sweet.

  • Episode 39!

    This week we are joined by special guest Dan Schlissel, founder of Stand Up! Records. Matt met him briefly at CONvergence, and we wanted a chance to talk comedy and record labels and all that good stuff. We also spend some time talking about weird recording formats and discuss a listener email that we all loved. Be sure to check out Dan’s wares at Stand Up! Records, and get yourself an album or two.